Running Skirts - So cute!

  1. I just saw a little feature last week in Self magazine about running skirts (also called workout skirts). It's a short skirt with shorts or compression shorts built-in. A couple days later I saw a young woman wearing one jogging down the road in Seattle. I thought she looked so cute wearing it.

    So I was in REI yesterday, and I came upon one by accident (from Sugoi).
    I have never seen anyone wear a workout skirt at my fitness club. Last night I wore it to workout, and I was flooded with compliments. So this morning I searched online to see if I can find others to order, and I couldn't believe how many running skirts there are online. I am totally hooked.

    I can't believe it took me this long to discover them. Anyone else wearing one?
  2. I have something similar which I wear to the gym. I like it because if I don't want to shower/change at the gym I can wear these and do errands on the way to the gym - it doesn't look as out of place as running pants or workout shorts.
  3. cute! I would totally wear this to play tennis as well!
  4. I dig it.
  5. very very cute
  6. a workout junkie myself would love those! thanks for sharing the idea. i'mma try to go out and find me some! thanks, hope you get plenty!