Running Shoes!

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  1. Ladies,

    I've been running and working on on my Nike Roshe's for some time now but I think I need a more specialized style specifically towards running?

    I'd love some options/suggestions/picks as to what brand/style I should consider?

    Thank you!:cool:

  2. you can either go down the really padded show route and get fitted at a running store or go for a minimalist/barefoot type option like nike free/flyknit.
  3. Buy your shoes from a real running store. They will let you try out a shoe for a couple of miles before buying and they will let you exchange for another pair if you don't like it after you've put even more miles on it. They'll also look at your running style, pronation, etc...

    My favorite athletic shoes are ASICS. I buy their running (Gel Kayano) and tennis shoes (Gel Resolution). They absolutely fit my feet and don't trigger my plantar fasciitis as often as the other brands.
  4. Thanks for your reply!:smile:
  5. Ah! Noted. Thank you!:smile:
  6. Check out Roadrunner Sports, I know you'e in the LA are but not exactly sure which area. They'll have you run on the treadmill to check the for over or under pronation. You're also able to try the shoes on for 90 days and exchange them if they don't work out.

    For running I use Brooks Adrenaline GTS (fug.. but super comfortable) ;) G-luck
  7. I'm running my Races with the Nike LunarGlide, but for a little change and for the practice I have also a Mizuno and Asics Kayano. It's always a question which support you need for running with your Feet and Style.
    I can't do the Adidas got always a big blister on my sole.
    If you are able to go to a real running Store, where you can try diffrent Styles and Brands, that's the best you can do. I would never buy a Shoe without testing because If you have the wrong Support and do allot of runs you will maybe get some problems with your joints and knees, and thats no fun. I can always exchange my Shoes after 5 or 10 Times used when I'm getting unexpectet blisters or Problems. This should be normal if you are buying the shoes In a professional running store.

    There are also the Brooks Shoes but I don't know If you can get them where you are :choochoo:
  8. I just got fitted for running shoes yesterday, definitely recommend going somewhere where they'll analyse your style...ended up with Adidas Supernova Glides, and am very happy so far. Tried Asics and Brooks, but liked the bounce of the Adidas best. Good luck with your purchase!!
  9. Best place to go is a specialty running store where they can get you fitted in the correct shoes based on your running style. I do my short races in New Balance Zante and do my long races in Nike Pegasus. I do my daily training in Saucony Ride. These are all neutral shoes but I have a neutral pronation. You may need something different depending on your foot motion while running.
  10. nike flyknit is the best in my opinion, light weight
  11. ^^ I agree! Flyknit is the best!
  12. Go to specialty running store, my son is a Cross Country runner. He trains in Brooks and for spikes likes New Balance. He runs on a treadmill before he buys. Which is very important since running in the wrong shoe can cause lots of pain.
  13. I get my running shoes from running shops after getting my feet assessed for my pressure points and areas of support that way each pair of running shoes can last upto 250-300 miles outside and close to 500 miles for indoor and treadmill running, I make sure I have 3 pairs on the go always . ASCIS are my favourite now I like their gel runners and bright colors
  14. ASICS Gel Kayano. I like the way they conform to the foot and the sole absorbs a lot of shock. I used to wear Saucony but switched.