Running out to lunch...

  1. I use my 35cm Birkin for work, but find myself wanting a smaller bag or clutch to use when "running out to lunch". I don't want to lug my Birkin with me if all I need is my wallet, blackberry and phone. Also, I'd like to be able to throw the small bag into my Birkin. (I'm too scratch-averse to get a box clutch to throw in my bag!!) And I don't want the bag to look like a toiletry case...

    What do you use?

    Thanks! ;)
  2. How about a jige?
  3. I just have one question...if you leave your 35 safe is it? lol
  4. I use a RS Karo GM...does the job real well (depending on the size of your wallet though)
  5. beaumonde, I take my carefree black box Kelly 25 with me.....wear her with the shoulder strap. She's light, comfortable, and I hang her on the back of my chair.

    This bag is just so easy to look after when I don't want the mental or physical weight of a larger piece.....and mental weight is often the heaviest weight of all.....meaning all that concern about what to do with a larger Hermes.
  6. Lisawhit, Olive -- great suggestions. I'll check them out!

    Kellybag -- Ummm... :crybaby:

    Isus -- I'm a lugger -- have shoes, laptop, files, books, snacks, water bottle stuffed into my Birkin. :biguns: I aspire to a smaller bag!
  7. I sound like a broken record but Jige. :tup: It's such a great bag!
  8. a jpg Kelly Pochette?
    Actually, this little bag fits so much, your phone, blackberry and wallet will be swimming in it if the wallet isn't too big. You'd have room for sunglasses, etc. as well.
    I can fit a Bearn wallet in my KP. And at lunch, the KP can sit on the table or on your lap or on your chair easily.
  9. I use my Kelly Longue- it holds my iphone, keys and wallet perfectly! I just throw everything in and tuck it under my arm! It also fits nicely behind me on seats where you can't hang a purse or on the side of the table.
  10. I vote for a jige élan. Penny has a beautiful turquoise chevre jige :love:which she uses as a clutch and as a cosmetic bag.


    Another alternative is the kelly pochette as demonstrated by Jaegerhomme.


    You really can’t go wrong with either of these.
  11. Perhaps an evelyne?
  12. I'd go for the KL or KP!

    Jaegerhomme.... "cornucopia" of H :drool:

    Penny is always so put together.
  13. Jige should work really well for you.
  14. I´m thinking Jige too!

    LTC-Your pictures:heart::drool:
  15. I am sorry beau...I was just a tad nervous here. I couldn't leave my bag behind! Just be careful!!!