Running out of passport pages?

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  1. FYI.. I found this out last year. Was headed to Europe on a multi-country visit. About a month before I left I noticed I had minimal stamp locations left in the old passport (numerous China Business Visas gobbled up space).

    Long story short - I found out most US embassies or consulates in foreign countries will refill your passport. For free. While you wait. Most times in under an hour.

    Quite the deal if you ask me. We went to the BRU embassy and were there less than 45 minutes.

    So even if one has a ton of pages left, well this is quite the convenient service by the local embassy.

  2. thanks for the info. i know some countries (south africa, maybe) require at least two pages blank.
  3. I wish I had this problem.
  4. my thoughts exactly, but a good thing to know! :tup:
  5. me too! LOL
  6. LOL! Me too!:tup:
  7. lol I wish I had this problem more myself!!! :biggrin: . My almost empty passport popped up on year 9 of a 10 year valid deal. I would never have noticed if I hadn't read an article about the addendum pages at the end which one can't use for stamps! Don't want anyone here to be the big dummy I almost was.

    Regardless, I've seen too many of my coworkers (who travel 10x the amount I do) who have not yet realized they can add the pages very convienently while they are traveling. I lucked into the consulate/embassy info.. just hope it can help someone else one day. GL.
  8. Actually, I had been wondering about this, so thank you for the tip! I was wondering if we would be forced to get new passports before they expired or if they would start stamping over stamps.
  9. This should say almost FULLl! Need more of whatever was in the air yesterday...

    Glad I could help. Most of the time I have no value add.. :P
  10. I was thinking the same thing! As a matter of fact, I got one 2 years ago for a trip to Panama, then we ended up not going. Its sitting my drawer..stampless:sad:
  11. I ran out of space this year BUT it's also expiring so I have to get a new one, anyway. Good timing. Yes, my visas for China and India took up a full page EACH and I have lots of stamps from before Europe was the "EU" and they stamped it at every border crossing. :smile:
  12. I had heard this and am glad to hear it confirmed- I have 3 or 4 pages left, and 7 years left on my passport-i am actually planning onwaiting and finding an embassy on my next trip and refilling it there. So much easier that dealing with it here!
  13. I've had my passport refilled twice when living abroad in HK. Most US embassy in foreign countries does have 'priority' services for US citizens :smile:
    My new passport is blank's telling me it needed to be stamped LOL

  14. Hehe... Same, I have visas which almost feel like cheating because they take up full pages in the passport! I have been lucky to travel a good amount at my age, but not quite as much as it sounds like with the visas taking up so much room! I'm such a dork, I love looking at my passport, it reminds me of so many good experiences seeing the stamps and visas for every trip!
  15. I don't know how this happened, buy we just got off a 10-day cruise last week, and our passport wasn't even stamped this time!!