Running out of birthday ideas for DH!

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  1. DH's B-Day is coming up at the end of this month and I feel like we have done everything there is to do. Looking for new ideas, something I may have never thought of before. Any suggestions? We live in LA if that helps.
    Logging off now but will be checking in later....
  2. Oh hun!!! I can't suggest anything other than total support in understanding your situation!!!
    Oh I don't know,buy yourself some foxy heels,tdf underwear,big bottle of Chamapange,pop the cork when he walks in sing happy birthday,he'll be knocked out,and you have the excuse to go shopping,for yourself,for his suprise!!! Works for me!!;)

    Or failing that,tell him you'll get him nothing unless he comes up with 5 ideas you can take your pick from,that works so well I can't tell you!!! xxxx
  3. How about a steak for his life threatening heamatoma? :roflmfao:

    Failing that has he every tried sky diving? If he doesn't fancy actually leaving a perfectly serviceable aircraft capable of a perfectly good landing - how about a wind tunnel experience?
  4. i've always wanted to try something from this link, which seems to come up with cool gift ideas and usually, not cheap either...but worth taking a look.
  5. I've done that already and alcohol is out of the question for him (he's recovering). but thanks babe! sigh...he's got a wishlist on Maybe I go there....
  6. he can't walk across the room without flying into the doorway and giving himself a black eye. don't trust him to jump out of a plane! :lol: and what do you mean by wind tunnel experience? is that some kind of sexual inuendo???
    (ha ha inside joke ladies....)

  7. oooh. thanks rand! I'll check it out...:tup:
  8. Take him on a helicopter ride over the city or if you know any military pilots you can get him a ride in a F18. Men love that stuff, even if it makes them puke.
  9. DF are going to try indoor sky diving first.. Theres one 10 miles from our house. And then we'll take the plunge.. LOL
  10. :lol: Have him come play washboard for my symphony gig on the 26th. Beethoven 9th.
  11. My dh bday is this weekend. I bought him a 5 gallon shop-vac, that is what he wanted. Sometimes I get him giftcards to the carwash, he loves to get his car washed. Maybe a weekend mini vacation to the beach ?
  12. he'd soil his pants and I'd have to wash them!
  13. yeah anything that has to do with leaving the ground is pretty much a no no. He's afraid of heights...
  14. I was thinking about taking him to the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel. They have a cigar bar there he's been wanting to check out. I'll put that idea in the file....
  15. theres a washboard in the 9th symphony? :lol: