running eyeliner PROBLEM

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    I need your help! my eyeliner always runs and I end up looking like a racoon by noon! :sad:
    I have tried all different types of eyeliners.. high end, low end, gel, liquid, pencil.. but my eyeliner still smugges onto my bottom eyeline. I have even tried using an eyeshadow primer before applying my eyeliner but still.. smugges..
    Can anyone give me some tricks on how to make my eyeliner NOT run and stay in place?

  2. Looks like you have tried almost everything!
    Give this a try, first line with a gel and go over with some eyeshadow in the same color, hopefully it will set the liner more.
  3. Essence liquid liner in waterproof - that stuff is budgeproof. I have extremely oily lids, even with primer and this economically friendly eyeliner stays flawless all day.
  4. Chanel Stylo Yeux stays put all day and night on my lids.
  5. I had the same problem too . Marc Jacobs gel eyeliner worked for me .And like someone else recommended setting it with eyeshadow really helps it stay put .
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    What finally worked for me was AVON's Glimmerstick eyeliner. Almay and Maybeline ended up embarrassing me when they smudged, and I was fully expecting that from AVON too, but this was the only one that didn't. It was perfect!
  7. I'd try just pressing a small amount of setting powder over the area, see if it helps
  8. I have a similar problem with my mascara, I don't wear eyeliner to work just normal mascara (Clinique naturally glossy in jet black) and I only wear it on my top lashes but for some reason I always get a subtle panda eye by the end of the day - and only under my right eye!! Weird :cray:
  9. I have this issue sometimes because I have oily lids. I use a generous amount of primer on my eyes and extend concealer up around each corner of my eyes but not all over the lid. I usually set my liner with eyeshadow once I put on the liner; that usually helps. Generally, for the every day, I try not to extend the liner all the way to the end of my lid as I notice the the running usually comes from the corners.

    I've also use a pencil with gel over it to set in place when going out at night.
  10. Using too faced shadow insurance or urban decay primer potion plus some light powder around the area helps for me!
  11. For lower lash line, I would use a pointed pencil brush with just a smidgen of eyeshadow and run it over my eyeliner to soften the look and also to prevent it from smudging. Hope it helps!!
  12. I like to use Stella eyeliner. It stays all day without running!
  13. Marc jacobs liquid eyeliner!!! I use it whenever I feel like I need to be 100% safe from smudging :smile:
  14. Everything--MAC fluidline, Lancome's 24-hour, Urban Decay's all give me panda eyes. Ditto for all mascara. I read somewhere to try a tubing mascara--Sensai or Blink were recommended. Those are next.

  15. I can only use tubing mascara also. But not all tubing formulas are the same. Some work better than others but overall any tubing mascara works better on me than waterproof or normal. Many people misunderstand waterproof for smudge and oil proof.

    Bobbi brown gel pot liner works great too for non smudging.