Runners Up !!

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  1. There are certain brands of Sneakers/ Trainers that I prefer to wear whenever Im going to the gym or going on a bike ride.
    New Balance and Pumas are my favourites.

    How about you ?
  2. I like New Balance for jogging, have some others too but I use those the most.
  3. NB for spinning, and general working out at the gym. Pink Nikes for running. :smile:
  4. NB for running.
  5. NIKE air maxs or shox.
  6. I dont go to the gym but to dance class I wear lacoste runners or pumas.
  7. Asics for running and other workout stuff.
  8. Nikes and Pumas!

    I'm actually trying to tak DH into opening a Puma store here in our swanky little shopping center. The guy at Puma in Houston told me they're franchised!
  9. Nikes :smile:
  10. I love NB and Reebok
  11. Adidas ;D
  12. Nike, FILA and Adidas
  13. I looove Puma speedcats, I can't wait until more colours come out ! I have a lot of Nikes as well, ones just for spinning, running, crosstraining, kickboxing, tennis and it goes on and on.
  14. Only wear NB! As a nurse I can testify they are great on your feet! For work or workout!
  15. I have Puma Speedcats as well, and I adore them :amuse: Waiting for new colors too :P
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