Runners, help please!

  1. I've been running latetly trying to loose some weight but after 15 min. my body, specially my legs, tights, butt and hips are all itchy, I have no idea why. I thougt it was because of the sweats (or because I dont shave my legs sometimes :p) but I tried running with lighter clothes and wearing shorts, (shaving my legs also, haha) but yesterday the sensation was so strong and I couldnt keep running and had to stop and scratch my legs,

    I am sure you guys know why. Adny advices?
  2. LOL. I totally know that feeling. It sucks! Is it cold where you are running? I was on the XC team in London, where it is much colder than where I live now. I hardly ever get that feeling now and find that stretching and warming up gently before you run can help. Maybe it has to do with the temperature differential between your hot body (whoohoo! I mean that both ways--hehe) and the cold air...
  3. very strange... not sure I can be of much help as this hasn't happened to me while running. The only thing I could think of is an allergic reaction to whatever detergent you use when washing your running clothes?? You might not notice at other time but maybe sweating mediates the situation.

    I actually have sort of the opposite problem. I tend to get itchy on my neck and my arms for no reason (as I type in fact). I've been to the derm and I have chronic hives. I was told it could be a strange allergy to red dye blah blah blah... If I take a zyrtec every few days I'm fine, need one now. Never starts to bother me while running though probably because I am distracted.

    I think there is a definite psychological component of being itchy. I know once I start thinking about it I can't keep my mind off of the fact that I'm itchy so I get more itchy and scatch more, kwim? I think it's called the itsch-scratch cycle or something.

    My only advice would be to switch detergents and try not to think about it. Try running with music if you don't already.

    Good luck and keep it up!
  4. I know a woman who actually gets exercise-induced hives. It's like she's allergic to sweating or something! I'm not sure how to stop it - I don't know if taking an antihistamine or rubbing on hydrocortisone is a good idea before going for a run.
  5. Yeah I know what you are talking about. Keep running i know it sucks but after a few days or weeks of this it goes away for me. My body has to get used to me excersicing again. I think it might have something to do with circulation? I know that I have a very low blood pressure but my mom gets it too if it has been a while and then she starts to work out again too and she used to have high blood pressure. Not sure.

    But keep on going! :smile:
  6. my bf skateboards, and says that drier sheets make him itchy when he sweats. so maybe if you use those you could stop as an experiment
  7. This happens to me, too! I've always wondered what it was. Unfortunately, for me, this has never totally gone away - even when I was running all the time b/c I was training for a half marathon. :shrugs:
  8. It happens to me too, but not so bad that I need to stop. I just keep running and after a minute or so, it goes away.
  9. ugh I had itchy legs today bc I have done any cardio in a few months and all I did was walk the dog around the block :sad:
  10. This happens when your muscles havent been used like that for a while... sort of like a warming up for your muscles. It will go away as you run more!