rundown on wristlets at the outlets

  1. hi! need help... i wanna ask how much are the wristlets at the outlets, say the ones originally around $48-$148. how much do they sold it at the outlets? TIA!:yes:
  2. Have seen wristlets at Wrentham outlets in Massachusetts for as little as $25 at times.. generally i think they are about 30% off of the retail price. Of course sometimes they take an extra 20% off as well...

  3. I love Wrentham!!!!! They really can get pretty cheap-o during the sales (like president's day). The price really depends on the style and its retail value.
  4. I just got two wristlets at the Tannersville outlet this weekend, both an additional 20% off :yahoo: I got the soho gold frame clutch for $35 and a white Hamptons wristlet with dark brown trim for $31. They had lots of other styles in the $40-50 range. (Please forgive me if I've used the wrong style names - I'm not too familiar with Coach:shame: ).
  5. Wow, how I wish we could organize a spree so that we international PFers could join in to get these bargains! :p I'm so envious of you guys in US..! :hysteric: :shame:
  6. anyone know how much the pink, purple &white madison scarf print wristlets went for?
  7. I think they were about $120 with 30% off.
  8. i think you're talking about the clutch. im talking about the wristlets...they retailed for $88. sorry for the confusion. anyone know how much they went for at the outlets?
  9. Are you talking about the solid gold kiss lock closure frame wristlet? Lucky you! I want that so bad!!!
  10. Cheapest I've seen is 24.99.
  11. missaudrie - I believe there were around $44ish - if my memory serves me correctly.
  12. I was at the Camarillo outlet this weekend and they had a bunch. I bought 2 (my first wristlets) I will post pictures later.
  13. A few weeks back i got a gold with purple trim wallet type thing at Wrentham for, and I'm not kidding, $8 !!! It had a damage tag on it (some spot that I coudn't even see) and they stamped it "final sale" or something but I couldn've been happier

  14. I would be willing to try and do something next time I head up to the outlets... but I'm unsure of how we'd work it.. anyone have any ideas?
  15. thanks a bunch! im going to an outlet this weekend...hopefully they still have some!