Run On Treadmill or Track?

  1. If your gym offered an indoor track and treadmills which would you chose to run on? I always run on the track because I heard you burn more calories since the treadmill hands you your next step.
  2. I'd also pick the track. Running is "easier" on a treadmill because it's already moving, not as challenging as running outside. Unless it's on a decent incline. I've never tried that, too scared I'm going to go flying off :shame: I wish my gym had a track... I work out in the morning so it's still dark when I head to the gym. On the weekends I run outside, but I wish I could do it more often.
  3. i like the treadmill better, not sure why....i guess b/c i keep myself entertained watching the time tick by and the upcoming inclines. i know i'm probably in the minority, but i really do like the treadmill better than running outside or on a track.
  4. Funny story ... well, not really but ..... when my husband and I were at the gym several years ago getting in shape we were side by side on treadmills. I ran and he walked. He hated it. He said it was boring. They had TVs in the area so I thought he was watching TV as well. All of a sudden I see him fly off and hit the wall behind us. It turns out he fell asleep and stopped walking. He didn't get too hurt. We had a good laugh. From that point on every time he got on the treadmill I kept talking to him to make sure he stayed awake. It annoyed the crap out of him.
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Oh no! Poor DH! I am always afraid I'll go flying off one day, or trip over my own feet :P
  6. I like tracks, except the indoor ones tend to be too small! Instead of straight legs of running, I feel like I'm running in a circle the entire time. As a result, I would pick a treadmill unless the track is really long.
  7. I don't mind using a treadmill with an incline--that's a decent workout! Otherwise, a track is better. I just find it so boring...I have to play mind games with myself to keep going.

    I would always rather run outside--on nature trails--with my dogs. That is one of my passions!
  8. Treadmill. I hate running, and I don't like people watching me running which makes me not want to do it at the park or on a track...I guess if its at the gym its okay. :smile: But yes, treadmill does seem easier, and that's A-OK with me. ;)
  9. I actually prefer the elliptical. We got one for Christmas and love it! It supposedly burns the most amount of calories per minute, so I've heard, right?
  10. Actually the elliptical burns the least amount of calories! Running and the Step Mill burn the most. There are lists posted on certain fitness sites that confirm this.
  11. Treadmill. I have ADD issues ONLY when I'm exercising. I need lots of stimuli. I need to be watching tv, reading the closed captioning AND listening to music. Plus, for some weird reason, I always break out in a rash when I run outside! And going in circles on a track reminds me of PE in HS too much :P
  12. Running outside on a trail.
    I loathe "dreadmills". I get fixated on my stride, think about it too much, and then end up stumbling and looking like a freaking idiot.
    I don't like the track either, running in circles is so boring.
  13. ^ The best is when you get off the treadmill after being on it for awhile...and stumbling across the room, it still feels like you're on it!
  14. I was at the gym once with my sister, we were busy gossiping and being snarky...she wasn't paying close attention while on the 'mill, dropped her water bottle, bent down to retrieve it, forgot to keep her feet moving, and shot off the end of the footbed, and the bottle nailed her in the boob. Oy, we laughed so hard we almost puked. :smile:
  15. the track is the best cuz it works your body more. :smile: just make sure u are aware of any pain, since some tracks have less cushioning than treadmills.