Run of bad luck...

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  1. Hey ladies... Please forgive me, I need somewhere to vent my frustrations...

    -Initially, I had no idea that TPF existed. So when I first bought my blue.grey matinee at full price from FLL, I was ok to deal with that. Then the hardware started coming loose on one of the tassels and I returned it to FLL so they could have it fixed. It's still being fixed as I write this out.

    -Then I ordered the stone and saddle mam's from LB. They both came and I loved it, but to my dismay, there were many black marks and scratches. So I had to return both.

    -Then I decided to go for the tangerine mam that was selling on ebay for 415, not knowing I could have gotten it for at least 50 dollars less at label 360 with free shipping. Then I finally take out the tissue to use it today and find black marks in the zippered pocket inside the bag. :hysteric:

    -Plus I ordered the matinee, mam, and nikki for full price and it's offered at the sample sale for less, I will be very sad.

    Sigh. I guess I'm hoping the black basketweave I just got will finally be perfect... :sad:

    Don't get me wrong... I love RM, but I will be more careful in purchasing from now on....
  2. Did the seller put the black marks in the inside pocket to prevent store return? I've heard some sellers do-- or maybe it was a sample?

    True one of the great things about tPF is finding all the deals-- but then you end up spending even more!
  3. ^^DEE i'm sorry to hear about your bad luck with RM!

    As far as the FLL issue- you should contact Lizzy, and ask her for some compensation on it. Its just not the same having a REPAIRED bag...

    Unfortunately, we have no clue what will be at the Sample Sale. I know a lot of pple want the wine still, and can't afford it at full price, but RM wouldn't give us a discount on the special order, so i think it will be really unfair if its at a sample sale too...

    As far as the tangy mama- contact hautechick about the stain. She is really nice, and i'm sure it was completely overseen... she wouldn't send you the bag intentionally if she knew it was stained.
  4. I am so sorry! I have a few RM's and most of them have come with some scratches. The only one that did not was the tangerine from Label 360. I have a dark gray MA, a black/pewter matinee, a stonewash blue MAM, and a berry MA all of them have some marks. I got a good price on most of them, but they all came with some light marks. I called plazatoo about two of them and they basically said tough!
    I love them anyway and wouldn't really consider them damaged.
  5. Sorry that happened to your LB order!

    I have gotten 2 bags from LB so far and I love the customer service there so much, I think I am addicted to the site.

    Hopefully your next bag will be perfect. I know I would be upset if my bag was new and had scratches.
  6. ^^thanks girls... I've contacted Hautechick about my Tangy.

    Not sure about the FLL issue. I've been following up non-stop with them, and I would love to get a 15% discount on my original purchase. Do you think it would be horrible of me to ask?
  7. I think it's fine to ask :smile: I would.

    They gave you something damaged and there are other people out there getting a discount everyday to non-damaged bags.
  8. ^ good point fendi!
  9. yea i agree... i would atleast ask them to refund 15%...hell i'd go 20%.

    Most retail stores offer 30% off defect items and make them final sale.
  10. you guys are so freaking awesome! :hugs:

    I'm going to email Lizzy now, and see if she can do anything for me...

    *crosses fingers*

    That would totally make my day!
  11. GL I really hope she gives you something!!
  12. Thanks purple! :flowers:
  13. What do you mean by black mark? Like a black marker that was intentionally run through it?

    I ordered a MAM from LB and I don't remember it having scratches or any black marks. Sometimes the leather is so soft it is prone to scratches but I don't think it was because they are selling a used product but due to the nature of the material.
  14. Hi Shopbop!

    No not at all. It looked like it may have rubbed up on something that caused the black marks. :girlsigh: I loved that saddle mam!
  15. Maybe you will luck out and get a saddle MAM in the SS. Not to mention, there will be so many new things coming out down the line so maybe it is good these were sent back because you might fall in love with something else more in a couple months...Sorry! I am just trying to look on the bright side for you. I know how exciting it is to find a brand you love and the anticipation of it coming in the mail and the let down of it not being what you hoped. But we're here to cheer you up! Def contact Haute Girl and FLL. Keep us posted and good luck Dee!!!