Run... hide.. we are all screwed! UPDATED WITH PICS!!!! COME SEE!

  1. Seriously, I don't know what else to say other than LOCK UP YOUR WALLETS! We are all in BIG trouble.

    There we were (me, and a few other lovely PFers), in a sea of Chanel at the Chanel Trunk Show, and I was happy because i was such a good girl, did not buy a thing. THen, there it was. A bag that I had stuck my nose up at as I have seen pictures of it on LVR and other sites, and thought EH. Not my thing. BUt then, there it was IRL, just staring at me. It was the new hip cousin to the Chloe Paddington that we all know and love. Seriously, we all stopped dead in our tracks. It was calling to all of us. The new Paddington Capsule- pictured here on LVR


    So, natch, I had my favorite SA pull her out of the case. The leather is now lighter like that of the Betty (which I adore), there is a chain that goes across the bag like a hip rockstar, and then a tinier version of the padlock. It is not as photogenic as its older cousin, the original Paddington, but I must tell you that it was HOTTEST bag on the entire floor of NM. Seriously, the pics we have seen do NOT do this bag justice. The feel, the look, the colors of this bag are outstanding!

    I know that I for one can say that I am totally screwed this Fall. I saw it in chocolate, and my heart literally skipped a beat. And yes, I have asked my SA to take pics of all the bags in this style that my NM has in stock, and of course I will post them as soon as I get them. But if any of you have the chance, go, no RUN, and see this bag in person. I promise it is worth it!
  2. Jag,
    You've got my attention... I will go check her out when she arrives at my store. Any purse that gets such a high recommendation deserves a look-see. Thanks!
  3. Your description alone, has my mind already made up!! I'm grabbing one of these babies for my own collection for certain!!! Thanks for sharing the info.
  4. The chocolate was incredible, it has a hint of bordeaux - and totally stood out. And the hardware was silver- seriously, it took every ounce of restraint not to buy it right then! (Remember, i am on a major purse ban right now). But it is definitely on the top of my list for Fall!
  5. Here is a pic from NM's website

    Not sure if it is still called the capsule? But it is the one for $1980!
  6. Jag, you've definitely got my attention! Can't wait to see more pics! It's going to be months before we see it in Oz. There's a paddy resemblance there, but the chain is very MJ Stam like? You think it will be bigger than the paddy?
  7. I am not sure! At $1980 it will be tough but there is just something about it once you try it on. It has an entirely different edge to it- which I love because I feel like we have waited a few seasons for something Phoebe-esque, something fabulous from Chloe. Don't get me wrong, I love the Bay, I love the Betty, and the Edith deserves some respect as well! But this stood out- and captures your attention like only a paddy can do. So it will be interesting to see everyone's reactions to it. I personally love the sheen and texture of the leather- not as thick as we are used to, but just as decadent!
  8. Looks lovely, and your descriptions jag make me want to :drool:

    But I definitely can't afford it! :crybaby:
  9. you got to hate those cool, younger cousins that seem to just creep up on ya!!! I dont know, you think you are safe, and then bam, you make the mistake of touching one and thats it, they have you hook line and sinker :biggrin:

    Im really pleased, as I must confess, when we first saw the Chloe A/W collections, I just thought we were completely screwed, but some nice, quiet pieces have started to come through that perhaps didnt make it onto the catwalk show as they did not go with those awful red builders boots lol :biggrin:

    Thanks Jag, for telling us how it really is. I think with most Chloes, you have to see them to justify paying the price, and 9 times out of 10, after we have, we want them all!!!
  10. Ah, dangit! I thought I was done! Why'd you have to go and show me this? Any ideas when, if at all, these would ever go on sale? (I know it will be awhile, but maybe I can start saving now).....
  11. I'm not listening. I'm closing my ears but can't wait to see it in person! Neiman's in SF doesn't have it yet so I'll be on the look out!
  12. Ear muffs! Ear muffs! Me no want to hear about a gorgeous new Chloe bag that will re-peak my Chloe obsession! The only complaint I ever had with the paddington was its weight...and now...well, with the cute little baby lock that problem seems to be taken care of!!

    Jag, you are so bad for me. :sos:
  13. [​IMG]

    lalalala I'm not listening!
  14. OMG!!!! She is gorgeous! Gotta have her!
  15. Yes's quite a beauty AND I was so surprised at how light the bag is compared to other Paddy's.....I love the Paddy look - but the bag is way too heavy for me....and this one, the very tempting. Saw it IRL yesterday at Nordstroms - Tysons Corner. Yes, we are all screwed!