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  1. to me this minute...

    Ok I know here on tPF, some people think shoes just waste bag money....but I admit, I have a 'problem'....

    So I told myself I would only buy LV shoes, until they wouldn't fit in the armoire, which comfortable was 6...well I staggered and squeezed 7...but now where were the new fuscia charms going to go?


    Well, I figured out how to stack them just right, so the bottoms only touch the inside soul...


    I guess that means I have room for 6 more pair! :graucho:

    Here the are getting some air

  2. Wow, fantastic shoe collection.:nuts: I'm sure you can fit some new pairs in there if you really try.;)
  3. aww your shoe collection is so cute and pretty!
  4. They are gorgeous! I love the charms in shoes!
  5. Wowee! Looking at your collection makes me feel like I'm at the boutique! Stunning!
  6. Very nice shoe collection!!
  7. You have a beautiful shoe collection. :drool:
  8. I love your collection especially the Damier ones...:flowers:
  9. OMG :fainting:
    beautiful LV shoes!!! thanks for sharing pics!!!
  10. I LOVE all of them:nuts:
  11. i love ur damier ones! u have a stunning collection!! i must admit i do not like the charms line..but their shoes are TDF!
  12. Wow, love your collection!
  13. WOW!!! amazing shoe collection and you do it the PF way, finding ways around our limits :P
  14. Nice. I love shoes, myself.
  15. What a gorgeous collection of LV shoes! :yes: They are beautiful!