Run-don't walk to NM Last Call before 9PM

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  1. Hello all-Neiman Marcus Last Call has all of their handbags an extra 40% today until 9PM. I went to the Atlanta outlet and got a $1300 Mulberry Emmy for $399! They had Chloe, BE & D; Mulberry; Isabella Fiore etc. etc. They also had Lambertson-Truex and even a Gucci. Check it out before it's too late. They also had a ton of Cole Haan bags which would be SO cheap. Lots of Marc Jacobs as well. :tup:
  2. grr...can't go right now, so want to!!
  3. Ok, seeing this really makes me miss living in Denver....where they had a Neiman Marcus Last Call store!!! Grrrrr
  4. Wow JNH14, good deal...$399 for a $1300 Mulberry bag. Why isn't there a NMLC around the LA area? :crybaby:
  5. why, oh why, do I have to live in the sticks.
  6. The NMLC here in the Bay Area have some good stock too (Milpitas Great Mall) - and it's not a mess!
  7. is it only for today?? It's 8pm!
  8. Do you know if the sale is for all NM or just certain one.
  9. wow - I wish I had one near me.
    I hope some of you snag up some great deals.
  10. It was at all NM Last Call Stores!:smile:
  11. San Diego is probably your nearest one, but I went the other day and they had nothing good whatsover! Besides it's a good drive down there and the other stores in the mall aren't very good.
    I wonder why some NM Last Call stores seem to get all the good stuff?:confused1:
  12. Ack!! My closest NMLC is 45 minutes away. It's already 8:25 p.m. :sad:
  13. I hate that there's no Last Call store here in Chicago!!! NM on Michigan Avenue - NM in OakBrook - NM in Northbrook - But no NM Last Call!!! Arghhhh!!

    (Although I do know that they do charge sends - last fall, I got an Isabella Fiore Medal of Honor bag for $225 from the Last Call store in Las Vegas!! And they took my Master Card (which NM stores don't))
  14. I bought myself 2 MJ bags at the NMLC Bay Area. The sale was insane! Almost everything in the store was on sale. The SA that helped me told me that if anyone wanted to know about these one day sales to sign up on their NMLC mailing list since their database is different from the regular NM stores. I wish I went earlier, but then again, I would have bought more. :cursing:
  15. ^^I wondered why I ddin't get an e-mail about the sale. I get regular e-mails from 2 NMLC stores near me. Maybe my stores haven't had their 1-day sales yet. (Fingers crossed!)

    Congrats to everyone who was able to get good deals!!