RUN Don't Walk to Dillard's Sale Reveal!!!!!!

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  1. Anyone wanna see my haul? I posted this morning about a sale at Dillard's and am now the proud owner of some bags I've been stalking! :yahoo:
  2. lets seem 'em
  3. i m here....... what is it?????
  4. lets see!!!
  5. Okay, here we go...maybe grab a snack and get comfy!
  6. :woohoo:
  7. reveal reveal reveal!!!
  8. I'm watchin...and waitin..and will soon be drooling I'm sure!!!
  9. That much huh??? Maybe you just plan on TEASING for a long time!!! NO FAIR!
  10. [​IMG]
  11. you weren't kidding about bags
  12. Wish my Dillards had a better selection and SA's that didn't snag everything up right away!!! I also wish they had Coach boxes etc....
  13. i bet you got something PINK????!!! :graucho:
  14. Take it OFF!!!! <chanting>
  15. Oh, how fun! I've never been present for a reveal, always had to look after the fact.