Rumoured Upcoming LV parallel print ad campaign

  1. I just read on who is might be going to be the face of LV's next parallel print advertising campaign.

    Take a guess. It's someone very unusual, yet somehow iconic.

    It's Keith Richards, I kid you not.

    Here is the article
  2. And, just because I am a kind person and aware that not everybody might know who Mr. Richards is, here is a link to his wikipedia biography.
  3. oh wow, I can def. see that :yes: GREAT choice if that's true :tup:
  4. Hmm... I think I can see this happening. Can't wait until pics surface...
  5. Might be kind of a neat campagin...Richards is well-known in the celeb world for the Stones, etc...
  6. I can't wait to see! That would so cool!
  7. Cool!!
  8. Now that IS someone I've heard of, that sounds pretty cool, I'd definitely like to see it
  9. Oh boy...they should have shot him with Dylan too, LOL!
  10. This is going to be interesting lol :biggrin:
  11. That is going to be a very interesting campaign - I can't wait to see if Mr. Richards has any personalized trunks or luggage :upsidedown:
  12. Wow, that's crazy!!
  13. Gorbachov, spin on advertising....
    as long as its not britney spears, lol......
  14. How funny, my dad will get a kick out of this, he loves the Stones.
  15. Tada, here it is... the pic has leaked. It is smallish, I apologise.