Rumour has it price of J12s to increase like classic flaps...

  1. :crybaby:
  2. who did you hear this from, a reliable source? and approximately when?
  3. By April, I cant say for sure because the SA I spoke to (not my usual SA) wouldnt confirm it but kept on urging me to buy before April and said if not I would regret it because the price will increase like the classic flaps....

    Can anyone else confirm this?
  4. Really? OH no, I might have to make that purchase soon.
  5. It would not surprise me. When I bought my white J12 in early 2006 it was the day of a price increase although they honored the pre-increase price because I had an Neiman Marcus add that was mailed a week before with the pre-increase price. At the time I think it was a 3% increase, but when you're talking $8k+ 3% is a lot.:wtf:
  6. I too have heard that as well. I just recently purchased a white 38mm w/diamond markers and pave center and was told the same thing. I am now thinking about getting the Black 38mm w/black diamond bezel.
  7. Susu,
    If the price increase is 3% as predicted that would make the 38mm w/ diamond bezel $8909.50. So at $8650.00 currently that would save $259.50. I too am planning to purchase a black 38mm with diamond markers, like the one Mon just bought. I think I will hold off because even at 3% that is not enough to make me rush my purchase. I had rather be well prepared to purchase than try to buy now at pre-price increase. I did that with the Classic Ligne and actually spent more than I had planned, and purchased more than I had planned. I was only going to purchase one jumbo classic and purchased 2 jumbo and 1 medium--:nuts:
  8. :wtf: I need to get me mine ASAP!
  9. I hear you Penny! The 38mm w/ black diamonds is $8900 right now. It's so addicting!!!!

  10. I know-- I am going to try and be good and be VERY HAPPY with the J12 I have now. I need to be satisfied for a long time:yes:
  11. I wanted to buy a black one with the diamond bezel since my white is plain - I better hurry:push:
  12. The black w/ diamond bezel is TDF!!!
  13. thanks...i better buy mine this month for sure.
  14. Me and cutestmomever are buying ours this month!
  15. If any of you who are planning to buy don't have an S/A at the boutiques PM me I have a SUPER S/A in fine jewelry.