Rumour has it! Phoebe to go solo?

  1. IS PHILO GOING SOLO? [​IMG]THE fashion-vine is abuzz with rumours that Phoebe Philo will launch her own fashion label after quitting Chloe exactly a year ago. The talk of Paris Mensweek was about when - not if - Philo would be announcing the launch of her new collection - one that would almost definitely be a hit if the enormous success of her collections for Chloe are anything to go by. After working with Stella McCartney at the French house since 1997, Philo took the helm as creative director in 2001 and instantly became a cult name to drop. She opened the first London store the following year. Her decision to resign, citing "personal reasons, especially wanting to spend more time with her new baby in the coming months", shocked the fashion industry and we've been waiting for a comeback ever since. (February 2 2007, AM)

  2. Oh I certainly hope so!

  3. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

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  4. Maybe soon we'll need a Pheobe subforum!!

  5. Ok call me a cynic but the conbustion that PP and Chloe concocted (in the last 3 years) has come from a synergistic blessing with iconic proportions. These bags will never be the same again; they were fresh,new and virginal on the fashion scene.

    PP will create and demonstrate fabulous bags, but they will never be like the Chloe marriage that was once shared.:crybaby:
  6. ^ I think Phoebe's designs have more chance of being wonderful, than Chloe's do without her. We all saw how standards started to slip, after (or even, a bit before) she left.

    I hope Chloe will do well under Paulo's direction, as Marni produced a few nice accessories while he was there and hopefully, he will be able to adapt to fit Chloe's aesthetic.

    But Phoebe has a proven track record of season after season of excellent design (although, we all have our personal favourites, of course [A/W '03 - '04 being mine!]).

    I do agree, that the most obvious way to ensure success, for both Chloe and Phoebe, would seem to be to reunite them.

    But I'm feeling optimistic, nonetheless. :biggrin:

  7. Hope so! :biggrin:
  8. good for her :yes:
  9. Oooh, yes, please, please, please, be true!