1. I talked with my SA yesterday and she told me that they were bringing back some of the old mini monogram bags as like a special release.

    Has anyone else heard this? And do you know when, because she didn't.
  2. I'd never heard of this.
    When she said "old mini monogram bags", did she literally mean some of the previous existing styles (eg, the Lucille, Kathleen, etc...)?
  3. Yup! Because I was asking her about the Josephine GM. =)
  4. Possibly the same shapes but in the mini lin material?
  5. No no, it's going to be all the old bags. lol I guess they had some laying around that they didn't sell before discontinuing them. So they are bring them back as a special edition release. =) She showed me a print out of the bags, I would say only 10 bags though.
  6. :nuts: :nuts: Yay!!!
  7. This is weird
  8. Huh???
  9. They popped up on, I think, because I didnt see them yesterday.
  10. Well, since this is the case, you should place an order for the Josephine GM. :idea:
  11. They've been on elux for a few days now. I thought it was a mistake! Yay =)
  12. Really? I don't think LV brings back old bags. Hmmm....
  13. I have noticed other discontinued things (mandarin epi items) showing up on Ebay. In fact, I just purchased a mandarin pocket organizer that appeared out of no where. Yea....for me.