rumors on JPG leaving hermes !!!!

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  1. i have heard this comment twice now and my sources wont confirm anything ,this in itself scares me because well something is off .

    im just asking because i love JPG ,but you know it seems possible. and what of all this marc jacobs flirting with hermes i mean i personally doubt it , but has anybody heard anything !!! .

    :confused1::confused1::weird::shucks:hope you can hep me out . thankyou in advance
  2. oh gosh i hope not! i am skeptical as to whether or not marc jacobs can design and execute the classic style synonymous with Hermes.

    I'm not the biggest fan of MJ's designs esp his Vuitton seasonal handbags.:Push::thinking:
  3. me 2
  4. Me 3! I hope it's not true
  5. Marc Jacobs would be the worst fit for Hermes. LV is the worst its ever been right now IMO. And his own line is anything but high end... If he cant make LV luxurious, God knows he isnt a fit for Hermes.
  6. Wow, I'll be tempted to start a NO MJ petition if he really is flirting with Hermes... Please MJ, stay with LV. Don't stuff up Hermes.
  7. But who might be a good fit? Thats an excellent question for this thread. Maybe John Galliano? How about Tom Ford- goodness knows Gucci's handbags have taken on a dimestore appearance since he left.
  8. I can't lie I love Marc Jacobs but I think he is a little too "contemporary" and "thinks too much out of the box" for Hermes. I love the classy, elegant, conservative yet chic look JPG brought to Hermes. That is my style, who I am. I just don't think he is a good fit for the brand. I don't know if I articulated what I meant properly. :hrmm:
  9. this rumour was swirling around this summer...i believe there was a thread
  10. well truth is marc jacobs can not do it at hermes ,proof of it even he cant stand the LV bags he makes i mean i guess thats why he wears birkins all the time. and i have to agree i cant stand gucci since the ford times ,if not for the classic styles i dont know what id think of this brand . but in all truth i do hope this is not true and if it is hermes is smart enough , wise, lets not doubt them they bring the birkins and kellys and all the perfect things we talk of ,so lets think positive and hope that marc jacobs is not the option .
  11. and tesi your comment is most reassuring i mean if this rumor has been around since the summer then maybe it is not rue , fingers crossed.
  12. If this news is real, I should go and grab a silk top I really love now! Simple and elegant design but with Hermes price:faint: Please stay JPG!!
  13. Please make Marc stay away from Hermes!! LV designs are soooo wild and commercial rt now, I don't even know where to begin. I hope JPG stays...
  14. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I like Marc though. I think he's a humble and spiritual guy. And his boyfriend/husband is the hotness. They make a porny couple. :lol:
  15. I also agree with you