Rumors of another price increase? Say it isn't so?

  1. I thought there was just one. Can anyone confirm or deny that they're going up again?

    If so I may need to breakdown and buy now!
  2. I also heard there's going to be an increase next week. Don't know if it's true or just a rumor.
  3. i cant deal with that
  4. Ok this is just getting ridiculous!
  5. Last week I spoke with Indra, a Chanel SA at the Tysons Corner boutique. When I asked about the upcoming price increase in Sept, she know about it. She's always been very helpful; she would have confirmed the increase if word had come down from corporate. A while back when the price increased on the watches was about to occur, she told me if I wanted one to get it before the price hike and she cited the date. Hopefully, what you heard is untrue. (I feel like the parrot in the commercial, "I can't take this any more.")
  6. Can anyone else share what you've heard so far? i'm running to the boutique to purchase all the bags on my wish list LOL
  7. :wtf: Say it ain't so!
  8. if that's the case, I'm really done with CHANEL. i'll just come here to drool at everyone's purchases and admire from afar.
  9. I remember reading posts by some Chanel SAs who post here that confirmed a price increase in September. They just don't know how much the increase will be.
  10. I havent bought anything since the last price increase. I did however get about 5 new bags prior to increase. I am just going to enjoy them and no new purchases for me!
  11. Oh lordy, say it isn't so! I can't take another increase:hysteric:
  12. Apparently there will be an increase in Sept... I remember reading CHANELboy's post about a bag he had (a medium/large classic flap)... he cited it at $1995 and at a "pre-price increase in September" price. :sad: These frequent price increases IMO are utterly ridiculous, and I don't care how weak the Euro is against the dollar, because there is simply no justification for price increases every .023984 seconds. :cursing: I mean seriously, are Chanel bags going to be $6K apiece by the time I am 30?! :wtf:
  13. The last price increase should have been good enough for about 2 years!!
  14. Let's all talk to our SAs and see if we can find out some news from them. Eeeek! this is just ridiculous!!
  15. I agree, I do recall reading posts on here that there would be an increase in September. Last increase was in April so that is 5 months...