RUMOR: Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey expecting?

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  1. [​IMG]TMZ is reporting that Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey may be expecting. Vanessa was apparently spotted shopping at Petit Tresor, a favorite among celebrity moms for clothes for a baby boy. Vanessa apparently bought a baby basket for $189, a frog plush toy for $38 and a blanket for $269, along with other items. The source also says she did not have them gift wrapped. Adding fuel to the fire, is the fact that Vanessa has been wearing loose tops on TRL for the past couple of weeks. If she is expecting, this will be the first child for both stars, who have been together since early this year.
    Source: TMZ
    Thanks to CBB reader Jessica
    What do you think, is Vanessa expecting?:wtf:
  2. She could be buying them for a friend?!? If she is pregnant they will have a nice looking kid.
  3. Hmm... She could be expecting ,I heard they're getting married next year.:supacool:
  4. Thanks prada for the goss as always! :biggrin:

    Wow that's pretty soon. Well i hope they are happy and all is well for both of them :smile:
  5. Maybe she has a friend who's expecting a boy and she just likes to do her own giftwrapping?

    I dunno. Actually, I hope they're not expecting. Poor Jessica will probably throw herself under a bus.
  6. I read somewhere that they were planning on getting married by the end of this year???? Anybody else hear that? That would make sense if they're expecting a baby. If so, congrats to them. Jessica annoys me, I like Nick and Vanessa together.
  7. That would be one cute baby! They are so cute together!
  8. Havent people ever heard of shopping for a friend's baby or nephew maybe? :smile:

    I dont ever get my things wrapped at stores and i'm definently not expecting! lol..but if they are congrats to them!
  9. i seriously doubt they are expecting. but who knows.... that would be one attractive baby, with what would be such an amazing father. as for jessica...who cares!
  10. I like wrapping my own gifts because I'm a perfectionist on gifts. I think it's just contraversy material.
  11. I wonder if they had a thing going on when Nick decided to cast her for his first video- it was right after he and JS split up :shrugs:

    They would have an adorable baby if they were expecting!!
  12. Love them both, shes sooo kind and down to earth!
    would love them together married and with kids

  13. hahahha...

  14. ITA!
  15. I love them together! This would be cool if it's true, I'm glad he's happy now. When he and Jessica first broke it off I was afraid he was going to throw himself under a bus!
    They would have cute kids, that's for sure!