Rumor has it.....

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  1. SO this morning as i'm drving the kids to school, they are talking about getting back with your Ex. Is this good or bad ?
    So anyway, rumor has it that Nick and Jessica are getting back together.

    Good thing or bad thing ?
  2. Hm, I think people did like them two together.
  3. I doubt it. I like them much better apart.
  4. I doubt it too. I always thought Nick could do better, I like Vanessa more than Jessica.
  5. He has lost his mind if this rumor turns out to be true.He was out of her league the first time around.
  6. no way.
  7. I would like it.....I'm not crazy about Vanessa M. I hope so!
  8. Ditto:tup:
  9. I doubt it. He seems very happy and in love with Vanessa.
  10. Doubtfull, he's waaaaaay ahead of her..................
  11. I hope they will, but I doubt it.

    I don't think she deserves him either as horrible as it sounds. He was just always so nice to her, but it wasn't a two-way thing.
  12. He seems too inlove with vanessa....I dont think so
  13. Sounds like an interesting rumor, but a huge one at that.

    Don't care for Vanessa, but alot has to happen.
  14. jessica had her shot and blew it. say NO nick.
  15. ITA! And if you marry her again you marry her creepy dad! Yuck!