"Rumor Has It" with Jennifer Aniston

  1. Rented it today and actually liked it very much!!!! Has anyone else seen the movie and liked it????

    I loved the white bag that Jennifer Aniston was carrying. Does anyone know the designer's name?
  2. ^it's been asked at least twice. . . did you do a search?
  3. I believe it is a Hogan "Weekend" bag- one place you can find it is on Styledrops. I love it too.
  4. I really want to see this movie! I still have yet to see The Break Up too, I really want to.
  5. this movie is hilarious, i love it. but my friend said it would be funnier if u also see "the graduates"...
  6. I think the bag is by Hogan...
  7. Thanks everyone!
  8. I thought "Rumor Has it" had really bad review...??? Even Jennifer Aniston admitted that it was a bad movie
  9. maybe it had a bad review, and it's not a so content movie, but it sure is entertaining me... i was laughing a lot seeing that :biggrin:
  10. Oh gee-we watched it Friday and as much as I wanted to see it and thought the storyline was a good idea-I didn't like it at all.