Rumor: end of tokidoki collaboration with Le sportsSac

  1. I was shopping at metro part ( super sale on toki t-shirts, i got 5 for 10$ each!!) and one of sale leadys told me that the current print of tokidoki was the last bag that Le SportsSac was going to make of tokidoki.. is this true!!?!?
    :wtf: i hope shes wrong and I'm a fool!

  2. it's true - the final installment from tokidoki for lesportsac is the vacanze print. the two year collaboration is officially over after vacanze.
  3. yea its true we have known for a long time already haha
  4. They told me that at Metropark too. I'm so jealous -- the shirts at the Metropark near me are all still $25, on sale. :sad:
  5. ^
    I knooow! I was at the metropark in san francisco and i got a tokidoki shirt and harajuku lovers shirt for $25 each and i thought i was getting a deal! Dang $10 each?!?
  6. i can't believe the beautiful bags are ending :sad: Will he be collaborating w/another line??
  7. i've heard that simone will be coming out with his own line of bags...
    YAY (poor wallet)
  8. I look forward to a new line. I'm sure the bags will be cute. I was kinda getting bored with the same style bags.
  9. oh?? I don't know that Tokidoki started two years??
    I just bought my first Cita Rosa and Vacanze this year :sweatdrop:

    is there the thread about the order the name of collection made during those two years?

    coz I missed those name edition collection :crybaby:

    TIA :girlsigh:
  10. Which metropark had $10 tees? Wow!!
  11. The Tokidoki Bag Archive on Tokidoki Blog is a great resource. It can be found here:

    Happy hunting!
  12. ClioMouse,
    thanks for provided that links
  13. see below due double entry :smile:
  14. oooppss... :push: my bag is 'Citta' only due blue colour
    not Citta Rosa (pink) hehehe...

    wow.. I like first one 'Spring 2006' collection edition :girlsigh: