Rumor: David and Victoria Beckham expecting 4th child?

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  1. Originally posted August 16th: Britian's Daily Mail is reporting that David Beckham and his wife, Victoria "Posh" Beckham are expecting their 4th child together. PerezHilton has a scan, with pictures of Victoria wearing baggier tops. The couple who have been married for seven years, have three sons; Brooklyn, 7, Romeo, almost 4, and Cruz, 17 months.
    Source: Perez Hilton and Daily Mail

  2. Well, she wasn't wearing a baggy top 3 days ago when she went out drinking with Gordon & Tana Ramsey & got absolutely sozzled & had to hold onto a minder to get out of the restaurant without falling down :biggrin:

    bizzarrely same day as those ^^ pics were blasted all over papers, some othes also ran a story about how they are splitting up cos they can't concieve the fourth & yet more ran a story saying she was pregnant.

    must have been a sloooooooooooow news day that day...
  3. haha totoally agree.. very slow day. i love how each day is a new story!!
  4. she was drinking recently though, excessively.

    i WANT her to be preggers but i think theyre still struggling.
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