Rumor Control: Are Banana Republic Bags made by Coach?

  1. I went to Banana Republic this weekend and I LOVE their bags! They are trendy, made of Italian leather, and nicely priced compared to the high end designers. I really liked the Tangiers hobo, but didn't buy it, yet.

    However, I wanted to know if anyone can validate what a salesgirl at BR told me, that all their handbags are made by Coach? Is this true? In that case, the Banana Republic bags are a real catch.
  2. I don't know if they are made by COACH. I don't see why they need COACH's backing since they are so powerful anyways with Gap & Old Navy. But you could be right.

    Yes, I too love their new line. Very clean and simple. Classic.

    Reasonable prices too! :smile:
  3. A couple of years ago a BR SA told me that Coach made their bags. At the time, in addition to the bags, they were carrying some keychains that were very similar to the Coach keychains, so I figured it was true. Next time I'm in BR I'll be sure to ask!
  4. Interesting....
  5. I don't think this is true... but I'd be curious to see if someone had some proof either way. :smile:
  6. ^^^I've heard this before, too, but didn't think it was true.
  7. Hmm, interesting....(I'm just guessing but) maybe the BR bags and Coach bags are manufactured by the same factories? Could that be it?
  8. I know that THE EXPRESS sold leather handbags that were made by Coach but not labeled Coach. So it could be true.
  9. Wow thats interesting. I hope someone can come up with some solid evidence on if this is true or not.
  10. I recently purchased the Triangle hobo in black at BR and I love it. When I posted it here, I think someone responded and said the bags are made in the same factory as Coach, but not by Coach... Hope this helps!
  11. ^^ Makes much more sense.
  12. I worked at Coach for 2 years and I can tell you that this is absolutely false.
  13. ^^ Good to know. I kinda figured that Coach would never "lower themselves" to the Banana level. It's common knowledge that Coach is trying to compete with the higher end luxury brands. :smile:
  14. Someone said that Coach would not LOWER themselves to BR level. I don't agree. I have BR bags with superior leather and texture. I feel that certain bags BR makes such as BR Tangiers bag (east to west shape with the edged woven leather) and Large triangle vachetta leather bags do not take a back seat to Coach at all. I am now looking for a duplicate of the Tangiers bag. I have quite a collection of BR bags and, like the Coach vintage bags, they are durable for a life time. Pat :tup:
  15. wow. that's something to think about. Next time I'm at the mall I'll ask.