Rumor: Brangelina to adopt from Cambodia?

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  1. [​IMG]PEOPLE is reporting the Angelina Jolie has arrived in Cambodia in an effort to support a conservation project, to which she has promised $1.3 million over 5 years. However, X17 is reporting that two weeks ago their correspondent in India said that Angelina was to travel to Cambodia to adopt another child. Brad Pitt and Angelina already have three childre; Maddox, 5, who was adopted from Cambodia in 2002, Zahara, 22 months and Shiloh, almost 6 months. These rumors of another adoption continue to persist!!
  2. Awww.. I wonder how many babies they will end up with?!
  3. Wow, Zahara looks healthy! Looks like she gained some weight.
  4. do the rumors ever stop.
  5. Does the adopting ever stop?
  6. I dont know how they can actually takecare of 3 babies already with all the hollywood business!!
  7. 3 babies + potential adoption + potential pregnancy + current and coming up projects...? LOL
  8. wow, gotta hand it to 'em!
  9. That's a lot of little kids!