Rumor about CL store

  1. Is it true that CL is opening a boutique in AZ? DOes anyone know?
  2. I have not heard anything about this, but if its true it would be amazing!!!
  3. Oh I know it will be fab. Fashion square is really doing it big next year, I mean there opening a hermes and a jimmy choo boutique as well.
  4. I'm not sure about AZ but I did hear they are opening one in Las Vegas Fashion Mall.
  5. ^^^i heard the vegas boutique would be in the new venetian hotel--
    the palazzo
  6. I only heard about Las Vegas and (in the plans) Newbury St., Boston.
  7. Well I guess it was too good to be truth!
  8. they would probably put a boutique in Miami or Chicago before AZ.
  9. So far all I know is they are planning to build one in Vegas and Boston. Am I correct? I don't think they will build one in AZ any time soon.
  10. abcecas123 Really they are doing all of that at Fashion Square!? thats crazy! I knew Barneys was headed there but I heard that isn't opening til 2009!? Are you sure the new stores aren't going up near Scotts/101 at the new high end boutique mall they are opening up there?:shrugs:

    As for Cl opening in Boston, thats amazing news!!! B is my hometown and I go back often... I so can't wait!:yahoo:
  11. ^ yes Im 100% sure hermes and jimmy choo are opening a boutique there. i found out about the hermes one from the hermes forum here at tpf and the jimmy choo one my gay realtor told me about 4 months ago and i didnt really believe it until i read it on the mall (FS), also my bf told me too, he works there.

    I havent hear about that boutique you mention near the 101, please do tell!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I wonder when the Vegas boutique will be opened? I hope someone can tell me. Thank you ladies :love:
  13. abececas123 There are opening (well techniquely they haven't even broken ground yet) a new mall at scottsdale/101... This mall is supposed to be like FS but even higher end and have some great luxury apartment/condos as well. But I dont think it will be ready until 2010, or maybe even later then that considering how bad the market is right now...
  14. Where did you hear about CL in AZ?

    There is a lot going on at Fashion Square and Biltmore. Fashion Square has landed a number of stores. Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera, Salvatore Ferragamo all recently opened. Others opening in early 2008 are Bottega Veneta, Jimmy Choo, Marciano, Christian Dior, and Cartier is doubling in size by moving there.

    There are more stores in plan. They plan to announce 30+ new luxury stores in 2008.
    7 for all Mankind, Frederic Fekkai, Judith Leiber, David Yurman and Bvlgari have all stated in press releases that they are looking for a location in Scottsdale.
  15. So your saying that there is a jimmy choo store at biltmore mall right now?

    I hear about the cl from some people at dillards in the fs mall, that's what they said, I didn't really believe it that's why I asked here