Rumor: 2008 Lesportsac Tokidoki

  1. I was talking to Lesportsac SA in Hawaii last night buying my Lamore Mamma Mia, and she told me that although the collaboration was ending after Vacance, Lesportsac has the rights to the prints for one more year. Apparently Lesportsac is allowed to re-release up to 5 of the prints. She had no idea which prints were being considered.

    Holey Moley! Just had to share. . . . I wonder if this is for real, or maybe it's only in Hawaii!

    If this is true - should I pay big bucks for a Playground, or Citta print? What if they re-release those? What if they don't? Auuuugh!

    I hope they re-release Foresta, Citta, Playground, OP, Lamore.

    Which 5 would you pick?
  2. I would definitely have them re-release Tan Playground, Foresta, Citta Rosa, and the two Camo prints. I already have what I want out of Paradiso and Inferno... and the other prints, you can still sorta easily get.
  3. Dang, idk it's gonna get crazyyy. I think if it's true the 5 prints that I would want them to reprint is Tan Playground, Foresta, Citta and I don't care about the rest lmfao....I've got enough hahahaah, well still need to replace my Unicorn for a bigger bag.
  4. OMG! that would be so awesome! It would be my chance to get all the past prints that i never got! My choices would be hands down TAN PLAyGROUND and CITTA ROSA....hmmm the other 3, Foresta and the rest, don't matter cause i got um. I hope they do angioletto's, cause i would love to have one of those!

    I'm so excited...doubt my hubby and his wallet will :nuts:.
  5. mmmm tan playground zucca.
  6. um can we say, TAN PLAYGROUND GIOCO!? :nuts: id give my right leg for one!
  7. Ooo:huh:OOooo interesting!!!! :graucho:

    hm.... maybe I shouldn't have BIN that OP caramellina just now.... heeh. :p
  8. wow! if this is true..i would want them to release inferno, paradiso, citta/citta rosa, foresta, and tan playground:biggrin:
  9. OMfug. Wouldnt that be great? I need foresta. Finally saw one in person (Anyone one in uptown mpls who has a foresta ciao ciao and enjoys starbucks?!) and I neeed some.
  10. Wow...I guess it's exciting for people who still wanna get some older prints but IMO it will decrease the value of all the bags that were already produced.

    If it's true I wonder where Lesportsux will sell the bags, maybe at their outlet stores. It seemed to me that the company had an issue with selling the bags the first time around since they didn't even carry half the prints in their "boutique" stores. I'd :heart: to get a hold of whoever does their marketing. :tdown::tdown:
  11. yah - but the 2nd gen OP still isn't as desirable as the original OP, I think... so maybe it will similar to that. except it depends if you'll be able to see the difference between the generations of bags.

    I agree on the marketing though... sheesh! I think it has to do with the amount produced though, I don't think they anticipated tokidoki being such a runaway hit, or they might have ramped up production more.
  12. Oh my, Inferno, inferno, inferno, and foresta, I missed both of those. I just stated my collection. That would be so awesome. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  13. Well, I think they'll remake the ones that never made to the outlets. The ones that where sold out in stores. Like Foresta, Citta/Citta Rosa, maybe Tan Playground. Hmmm if I had to pick I would want Citta Rosa, Foresta, Inferno, Paradiso, and Tan Playground.... That would rock..:yahoo:
  14. Good point Hazelnut!! Thanks, for making me feel better! :flowers: They just make me so angry sometimes b/c it's so hard for me to find something as simple as a tutti caramella :cursing:
  15. OMG! I would just :death: if I saw a Tan PG Zucca *lol*. I was holding out hope for a 2nd gen OP Zucca when the outlets started getting the OP print back in stock.