Rumer Willis On The Set Of House Bunny

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  2. Gah I find her so gross... :push:
  3. It's such a shame that she looks more like Bruce than Demi. And that shirt does nothing for her figure.
  4. omg I never like to make fun of anyone looks, but god she should really not go into acting. She looks way to much like bruce.
  5. I think she is a pretty girl.
  6. Poor girl, she is quite unfortunate looking, every aspect. I predict she will be a poster woman for plastic surgery in a few years
  7. She has a very unfortunate jaw, she looks masculine because of that, a little copy of Bruce.
  8. I think so too. But she might be a good actress, who knows.
  9. The problem with actresses who've had a lot of plastic surgery is that their children don't inherit their new face. ;)
  10. I think you are being too harse on her really - yes she does look like Bruce but he isn't ugly and neither is she!

    And anyway - she is an actress NOT a model. If she can act like her dad too then she has absolutely chosen the right career. There is nothing to say that every actress or actor has to be good looking, just be able to act!
  11. All Demi's girls resemble their dad...what a shame..they all have his jawline.
  12. I would love to see the pics of those saying she doesn't look good.

    I don't think she is beautiful, but she isn't ugly.
  13. She's not an attractive girl.....
  14. I think she's cute, it's that jaw that I don't like, but hey she may be a pretty good actress.
  15. I guess it's hard to follow in the footsteps of your beautiful, successful mom....what pressure!!!!!!!