Rumer Willis holding hands with Diana Ross's son Evan Ross

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  1. Rumer Willis was spotted out on the town with fellow celebuspawn, Evan Ross, a.k.a. son of THE Diana Ross.

    The two were holding hands as they entered LAX nightclub in Hollywood last night. Both are only 19 years old and aspiring actors, but it seems like they might be professional pAArtiers as they were also seen at SBar the same night!

  2. good luck to them!!
  3. kewl...
  4. ^ lol. I don't really have anything to say about this pairing- kind of an odd couple, if they are.
  5. She looks better recently. He's kind of good looking, so they would make a cute couple.
  6. he definitly didnt inherit the bug eyes from his mom, he is a stunning guy. Rumer on the other hand. whew
  7. ahhh, isnt rich young offspring love grand ;)
  8. ^ Yes! Sometimes I wish I was part of the 'lucky sperm club' :amuse:
  9. Why is anyone taking her picture?
  10. :roflmfao: Sometimes I wonder the same thing about her, as well as others...
  11. WOW... she's really nasty... she definitely didn't get any looks from Bruce & Demi! I thought she was a lesbian anyways?? She seems to be seen a lot with LL... I wonder about them two...?? :confused1:
  12. blegh LAX is boring...and about them...blegh as well.
  13. she and her sisters just didnt get Demi's looks...more Bruce. Anyways. good luck to them but honestly, I dont find him attractive at all
  14. I can only say interesting too...
  15. Hmmm...the only thing I have to say is I like Rumer's yellow flats.