Rumer in the Room During Drug Arrest

  1. [​IMG]Celebuspawn Rumer Willis, 18-year-old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, was caught in the middle of a drug arrest.

    "Access Hollywood" reports that Rumer was in a Maryland hotel room where police busted a man for marijuana possession after hotel guests complained about noise. Willis was one of four people in the room. She was not arrested, nor was she being investigated.

    Rumer's in Maryland making an indie film called "From Within." No comment from Willis' rep.

    Just last month, Bruce Willis told People magazine that he and Demi talked to their kids about drugs, saying, "We have an ongoing conversation. They have the gene, and we warn them: 'You have a predisposition to be an alcoholic.' It's on her side of the family and mine. It's something to be aware of. My kids are strongly anti-drug."
  2. Sigh..and it didn't help that she's friends with Lindsay and company..
  3. ^^ Agree. Hopefully she wasn't aware that the guy had drugs. I hope she can keep out of the crazy kid circle.
  4. ^^^^ Hope she doesn't finish like Lindsay or Brit.
  5. or maybe they were just smoking a spliff and it's no big deal?
    if all the people that smoked weed ended up doing harder stuff and messing up, well let's just say a good chunk of the population would be total screw ups...
  6. Ugh
  7. Wow, i hope she doesnt become like so many of the troubled celebs.....
  8. it seems like she will become one of them, hope not, but she hangs out with the WRONG PEOPLE.
  9. dodododododod

  10. oh please, rumer, you're flying way too close to the flame, girl.
  11. honestly this just wasn't surprising to me and it was a matter of time...ever since she was hanging with Lindsay I already knew she would get caught for something. Ashton better put his foot down lol