Rules to wearing more than one LV at one time

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  1. I know when I carry my Chanel bags, I try not to wear to many logos, cc jewelry, sunnies, shoes, bag. How many LV logos do you wear at one time? How many is to much. Bag, sunnies, scarf, shoes? Is that overkill? :nuts:
  2. Maybe a purse and one accessory
  3. I usually have a purse and sunnies. Occasionally, I will have shoes too. Maximum I've ever worn, LV-wise, was 3.
  4. LV bag, all my LV accessories inside the bag, sometimes my Anthracite scarf & sometimes LV shoes. Not overkill since most of it is inside the bag.
  5. I never worry about it. I've been known to wear denim blue neo with denim pochette plate on LV vachetta belt around my waist to hold cell phone plus my brown LV beret and with my LV denim scarf or match shoes. Plus my vachetta bracelet or matelasse ring plus sunnies. Just have fun with your stuff! No limits!
  6. For me the max is a bag + scarf/bandeau. Not a fan of other LV accessories.
  7. For me, a purse, a wallet, maybe a bag charm or a bandeau. I don't think it's too much.
  8. me.... a day? normally just a bag and a wallet inside the bag, may be LV ring or a braclelet...:cool:
  9. i only have purses and a keyholder & wallet. so i just carry a bag and those two items =) but hopefully one day i will have more accessories!
  10. My bag and agenda and sometimes a mono shawl.
  11. My bag, with mostly all LV accessoires inside, and sunnies. Sometimes a scarf.
  12. everyday, a LV bag, cles, wallet, and sometimes scarf...LOL!!! I think its never too much LVs, you just need to know the balance~
  13. My LV bag with LV accessories inside and maybe an inclusion bracelet or scarf.
  14. Bag with acc inside, Leo shawl, I don´t have sunnies but I think this would be no problem as the don´t have as "screaming" logos as Chanel. An Iclusion is also no problem. I would not wear a red Mono shawl with a Pomme vernis Alma for example but for sure with a red Epi Noé, it depends on how loud every piece on its own is, KWIM?
  15. Yesterday, I wore 4 pieces which is typical. I wore a bag, shoes, bracelet and sunnies. Sometimes, I might wear a ring too. Occasionally, I'll wear 2 inclusion bracelets. But, if I'm wearing something Mono (yesterday it was my bag) I try to keep everything else less obvious. My sandals didn't have the LV logo. Also, when I wear my MC sandals, I'll carry a Vernis bag or a Mahina.

    You have to really love LV to recognize that I am wearing more than 1 or 2 pieces at a time.