Rules of Hotness

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  1. I have 3 sites that I check religously TPF, eBay and Cuteoverload

    I thought it's be fun to carry an idea over..
    Cuteoverload has a rule of cuteness
    Rule of cuteness 34 If your tail curls up your cute

    So here we TPF's Rules of HOTNESS!

    Rule 1
    If I make a person want to buy me in every colour I'm HOT!
  2. Labeladdict those are my three favorite websites too! :tup: (and and I love cuteoverload! There's nothing to put you in a good mood like looking at pictures of adorable and funny animals. :smile:
  3. Rule 2: If I make a person willing to pay 30% extra and wait 4 months for a special order, I'm HOT!
  4. Lol, I like this thread!

    Rule 3: If I make a person visit every day just to look at me while she saves up the money...I'm HOT!
  5. Rule 4: If I support my sisters (and brothers) in times of LV trial and tribulation, I am HOT.
  6. Cute puppy! What a fun thread!
  7. Rule 5: If I pop up in your dreams at night, I'm HOT!

    Ps: it actually did happen to me! :shame:
  8. where the pics I need examples of this hotness (it's a shameless eye candy thread)
  9. Sorry Label Addict, no pics yet because i'm still waiting for it to arrive in the store.:p
    Its the damier neverful GM in my wishlist.
  10. RULE 6: If I make a person change their personal style completely and design all their outfits around me, I'm HOTT.
  11. Rule 7 - If I can be used in at least 3 ways I'm hot!

    (just got this today!)
    Mirage bandeau.jpg
  12. Rule 7 - If 40 Vs. 45 indecision keeps the people up at night, you sir, are hott.
  13. ^LOL so true (equally true for the 25 V 30 )
  14. If I can make your DH (who doesnt understand your obssession) pay $$$ for a bag, Im extremely HOT!
  15. Rule 8 if I make a guy want to carry a hand bag or a girl want to buy a man bag I am Hot!