Rules for the Bag Showcase! UPDATED 7/12/06

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  1. Welcome to The Bag Showcase!

    Here is where you can go wild and show off the goods! There is a couple of rules to follow:
    • Only one thread per member. As you acquire new goodies, just update your current thread. Contact an admin or a mod if you would like to have your old thread removed and start a new one.
    • Please post big, detailed pictures of your bags in good quality. Good lightning and crisp focus will make it more enjoyable to appreciate your collection.
    • Use the forum's attachment function to post your bag pictures. This will make sure that only members get access to the showcase!
    • Do not post fake bags. This showcase functions not only as eye candy for many, but also as a reference. Misleading members with faux bags is not acceptable.
    • Should the suspicion arise that your collection thread contains fakes, the thread will be removed in part or as a whole.

    Thanks for sharing!
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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