Rule of returning fake item?

  1. Hi, im just curious if there is any rule regarding returning a fake bag bought from eBay.
    i know in most circumstances, to get your money back, you have to send back the fake bag you received from the seller...But, sending anything fake is illegal, and you can be introuble by customs.. is this correct?
    So do most of the ladies in forum ask for full refund of the bag without returning the bag?
    Also another thing, IF the buyer returns the bag, Does the seller have to pay for the shipping fee the buyer had to pay in order to return it?????

    I bought a bag on eBay and i suspect its fake, i havent received it yet, but just in case it is fake i want to get ready to get my money refund 100% without me loosing anything..
    any input will be grately appreciated
  2. Whats the item number?
  3. 250148940655

    I contacted the seller numerous times and he/she stated that it is 100% authentic. the pics are very convinving, but when i compared it to one of my diors i already own, the dior monogram inside the bag was off...
    Now the seller changed his id to private....:confused1:
  4. Just curious, why do sellers put their ID's private? and how do they do that?
  5. You put on the form the bag is a Fake Bag Bought on Ebay and is bg returned to seleinler.
  6. Don't send anything back until you file a claim with eBay/PP. They will tell you whether you will have to send the bag back or not.
  7. I thought sellers couldn't make their feedback private anymore???
  8. Getting a designer bag for $70 should have been your first clue. I do not know about CD, so I cannot say it is fake for sure.

    Have it authenticated BEFORE you do anything else, it would not be fair if the bag is real! If it is fake then file the claim through ebay. That is the safest bet. Then when you return it write a brief description on the customs forms about what is going on. Bought the bag on ebay, it is fake, so you have to return it to the seller to get your money back!
  9. Thank you for your input ladies!

    I had this bag authenticated by lovely tpf members:yes:
    but one thing that just bugged me was the matching wallet the seller had in her photobucket album, and other members on the forum thought it was fake looking. I trust lovely tpf members input who authenticated this bag, (i shouldnt have said i suspect this bag is fake..i havent even received it yet lol;) but just in case this bag turns out to be fake, i want to get myself prepared for it.. lol;