ruined white ali!

  1. I'm so depressed...i'm such an idiot! i wore my white ali yesterday with a new jean skirt. I got home and of course the bottom/back of the bag was blue.

    I flipped out and used a wet wipe (as i had done before) but it didnt work! so i put some diluted BLEACH on it! am i an idiot??? YES!! so here is the current state of my destroyed ali....

    (ETA- pics didnt work will try again..)

    i'm such an idiot! not sure what to do now....i might buy the lovin my bags cleaner and see if that will clean and at least moisturize it! and make sure to hide the back of my bag when i carry it!!!!

    the dumb things we do when panicked!
  2. try a white eraser to erase pencil marks with !!
  3. AKKKK!!


    get a mr. clean magic eraser or some coach cleaner and give that a shot
  4. oh thats not so bad.. try the white eraser thing.. NOT MAGIC ERASER
  5. oh i posted that at the same time as u.. i tried mr magic eraser and it made the leather stiff and chalky
  6. did u wet it? I used it dry and it worked
  7. i had good results using the white eraser. the darkest blue didn't come out though, and i'm hoping to wear it down. be gentle so you don't rub out the natural lines in the leather :smile:
  8. bleach?! :wtf:

    it's not that bad, really.
  9. i did wet it :sad:
  10. I'm sorry this happened to your bag. :sad: That's one reason I don't have a lot of white bags. I wear a lot of dark denim and I just know it would transfer.

    Don't feel too embarassed about the bleach thing. I agree with you, we all do weird things when panicked. *hug*
  11. That's not that bad. However, if nothing works and it's killing you, send some pics to lovinmybags and talk to Barbara there. She might be able to suggest something product-wise and if she feels that won't work, they may be able to repair it. I had a bag that had an ink stain on it (that I tried quite unsuccessfully to fix) and they repaired it and you'd never be able to tell the bag was fixed. It was under $100 for them to fix the bag and was done within a week too!
  12. willowsmom--- great advice! i actually have already emailed her. here is hoping she can help!!!

    i feel so dumb! you would think i dont have a coach collection or a basic knowledge of leather!! and to top it off its my birthday...happy birthday to me and my ruined bag:sad:
  13. ^^I have read they do a great job! Call them if you can't live with it. I have to say though it really doesn't look that bad and it's the bottom anyway.
  14. Oh, Happy B-day to you! It will all be ok!