Ruined the bag I received yesterday....heartbroken

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  1. Sooooo, I received a beautiful "like new" Noe GM yesterday , with very light vachetta. I was thrilled.
    There was a tiny spot on it, which I tried to remove with 70% rubbing alcohol. It left a darker area, which I then tried to remedy (after it dried) with apple leather cleaner. For whatever reason, that made worse. Out of desparation, I tried magic eraser (which other members have used), and guess what, that made it even worse!! It looks to me, like a chemical burn. I immediately took it to the leather/shoe repair guy who I know is the best in town. He said he's 95% sure, that he can't do anything about it (as far as removing the burn like color on the vachetta). I asked him if he could remove the bottom band of vachetta and turn it into a smaller bag ( same style as petit noe), but he looked and said, "No because there is no lip to attach the bottom afterward". I said "so there is nothing that can be done...not even dying the vachetta black"? He said "that's an option, but I don't recommend it". I am heartbroken . The entire bag looks new, other than the bottom corner which I ruined. Do I sell the bag to someone who can use the canvas to create items, like bag charms, tassels, etc. and lose out hundreds of dollars, or do I dye the vachetta black? I live 4 hours away from the nearest LV, so seeing if they can replace the bottom vachetta isn't an option it seems. What would you do??
    noe gm chemical burn.jpg Thanks

    LV noe .jpg lv noe gm.jpg
    noe gm chemical burn.jpg
  2. Just calendar a full excursion day to take it to LV, and when you hear a definitive "we can't fix this" from them, then explore the option of selling/redye. The person you asked is not LV, so it *might* indeed be possible through them. I'd put aside some time to take it in before selling it.
  3. It's such a beautiful bag. Maybe someone on this forum will have some good advice for you about a fix. If not, I would definitely consider having the bottom replaced by LV, especially since the rest of the bag is in such great condition. I feel for you. It happens to the best of us.
  4. I agree with this. Especially you just bought it. LV wont touch your back again once it dyed or do something that non LV shop do.
  5. I would either resell it or just keep it. You can condition the spot a bit more, and just use, keeping the spot on the back of the bag so it's not visible. The rest of the bag looks great. Unfortunately rubbing alcohol and the magic eraser are both pretty harsh things to use on leather. It looks like it dried out and cracked a bit. I wouldn't dye the leather as that would probably invalidate your chances of ever getting LV to replace the leather. You may get a chance to go to a LV store in the future so don't rush decisions now.
  6. I most certainly feel for you. What’s done is done. I sure the rubbing alcohol opened up the pores of the skin, which exaggerated the absorption of anything else you put on it. Given that you live far from the LV, I suggest you call the store and ask for a repair estimate. Should You like to proceed with a repair, let them know you would like to send the bag to them for leather replacement. Hang in there.
  7. Thanks for the input ladies. There is a consignment store I follow on Instagram, called Luxdujour, who sells a product for vachetta. She says it will clean this up, but I am skeptical about spending $ 100 on the stuff, because it's more than just a stain. :sad:
  8. I don’t see what could possibly return that to the original colour. I’d likely patina the whole thing because I love the darker colour. Or talk to LV about replacing the leather. I think putting anything else on it is just going to make it worse.
  9. I still can't believe that I had a beautiful bag when I woke up, and was excited to carry it, after waiting 2 weeks for it to arrive, only to have no bag to use now. Can't carry my ebene speedy B, since its more of a fall/winter bag. I will never buy another bag with lots of vachetta. Only damier ebene pattern for me now :sad:
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  10. Ya, well....I was thrilled to have a very light patina on this bag, I hate when my bags darken, and I always sell them after one year, because I think the dark vachetta makes them look dirty, and I hate to carry them. I love the new look. No more vachetta bags for me.
  11. Well, to each their own.
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  12. So sorry this happened! The bottom of my Petit Noe got ruined when I mistakenly set it down in water. I didn't even realize it (since it was a glass table) and then I grabbed my bag and stored it away in its dust bag. A month or so later I went to use it and the whole bottom was stained and warped! I also tried cleaning it with the Magic Eraser. It helped a little but also dried out the leather. You can't see it since it's on the bottom but I know it's there and it bothers me. Eventually I'll get the bottom replaced. :sad: Did you get a good deal on the bag? It might be worth getting the bottom redone. I know you live far from LV-----maybe you can call the boutique and ship it there? The rest of the bag looks great so I'd look into that first.
  13. I wouldn't waste your money on a $100 product that I'm sure won't do a thing for that damage. I'd take it or send it to LV to see if they can replace the bottom vachetta. That's your best bet.
  14. Sorry this happened. Your only option besides selling it is to have LV replace the bottom. I don’t see anything getting rid of this stain and cracking leather.
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  15. I agree with those who have said to take it to LV., but the only thing I think they would be able to do is replace the leather and that's going to cost you some $$$.

    I do have an option for you...but it would be a last resort type of thing. I bought a petite Noe a few years ago from eBay for a steal. I just wanted an LV bag to use as a beater bag and this one fit the bill. It was a vintage bag and had lots of stains of the bottom which I know weren't all that visible when I carried the bag, but they bothered me. The leather on the handles and the rest of the bag was nice and still had a relatively light patina even though the base was darkened and stained. Since I didn't have that much to lose, and it was a beater bag for me anyway...I put it in the washing machine! I didn't use detergent, just put it through the delicate cycle with a couple of soft hand towels. Guess what? It came out great! The patina on the entire bag evened out, and the ugly stains on the base were gone. Some of them were quite dark, too. The leather was a little dry after the bag dried out, so I did condition all the leather with some leather conditioner and the luster came back good as new.