ruined shoes

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  1. shoes are meant to be worn, but with cobblestone streets, rain, mud, and salt they can be esaily abused. do any of you have stories of your expensive heeels being ruined or do you refuse to wear them in such situations?
  2. I find that my designer shoes are generally well-made enough that they hold up against heavy use. I do have to replace the heel tips pretty often sometimes.
  3. I think, for the most part, shoes can take quite a bit of abuse. I live in the UK where it rains a lot and I see women wearing all types of shoes in the rain. I am a bit more "careful" than that though and don't wear expensive shoes or shoes I really really like in those conditions. However, I don't work so there is no need for me to leave the house when it's pissing it down. However, there are shoes, well more like materials, that are a no non in the rain; Suede comes to mind.

    As for the wear and tear that comes from walking on the pavement, it breaks my heart to see the soles and heel tips mangled but that is just the nature of the beast.

  4. I have to say that I've ruined many a heels by walking in the omnipresent grates in NY. Some are beyond repair, but my shoe repair store was able to fix the leather wrapped Jil Sander boots I have...then I promptly stepped into a grate 30 minutes after wearing them out again :sad:
  5. I never wore expensive high heels in Portugal, far too dangerous and expensive on those cobbles.
  6. i wore my christian lacroix today, and the stones and rocks definitely did ruined the soles until the shiny fusia came off and the wood was showing. but they were meant to be worn, just never will i be wearing them at school.
  7. Yes, any of my leather bottomed shoes hate rain. I nearly ruined a pair of Isabella Fiore flats when I got stuck in the rain!
  8. yep, my fave sergio rossis - the heel just broke in the middle, so no way to fix it. but honestly I wore these to death - for any occassion for over 4 years. they lived longer than I ever had expected, but I still kept them for ages. finally, recently threw them away..
  9. oh, I have bought shoes only for hardwearing, e.g. with chunky heels and round tips, and heavy leather, so that i don't lose my fav pairs of shoes to bad weather and everyday wear.
  10. I'm afraid to wear all of my shoes on NYC sidewalks. Not only are they harsh on your shoes, but they're so gross. I hate coming home with all kinds of sticky crap stuck to the bottom. I save my shoes for when I'll mostly be on smooth ground.
  11. This is why I take all my shoes to a cobbler right after I buy them and have a rubber sole put on the bottom for $25. A drop in the bucket compared to the cost of the shoes, and it realyl prolongs their lifespan.:yes: