Ruined Boots!

  1. :crybaby: last night i was carrying my boots into the house from the car, but i realized i had only brought one boot inside, so this morning i went to the car to get the other boot. had falled out of my hand as i had been carrying it in, and was laying in a puddle. when i picked it up this morning, the water had soaked into one side, and im afraid the leather is now ruined. the boot was originally a caramel color, and now the water-soaked side is a chocolate color. is there any way to salvage my boots =(

    Please let me know, thanks for yalls help!!
  2. Oh, I'm so sorry for your boots. This has never happened to me so I don't really have any advice except talk to a good cobbler and see what he says. I hope they turn out ok
  3. Oh no! :sad: I would contact a shoe repair place, and see what they say. Maybe someone on the board knows of a way to dry them without harming the leather. Try to blot some of the moisture out with paper towels, or regular towels.
  4. i tried that but none of the moisture will come out..and for some reason, it smells SO bad!!
  5. Wet leather never smells good, I would let it dry out naturally and then see what the real damage is.
  6. all i know is whatever you do, don't try to accelerate the drying... it could shrink or warp the leather.
    i think your best bet, esp since the shoe now has an odor, is to bring it to a trusty cobbler. maybe the insole can be replaced allowing the shoe to dry better?
  7. Maybe it's time for new boots????
  8. thats what i was afraid of wahh!! i had to go out of town and im not going back until monday so we'll see what happened...
  9. My only experience with wet leather shoes came recently when my boyfriend accidentally put one of my leather ballet slippers through a machine wash cycle. It actually dried much better than I expected and retained its original coloring everywhere except where it was badly worn. In those places it remained several shades darker than the rest of the shoe. It surprisingly dried larger than it was before but only a miniscule amount that I would never have noticed had the shoe not been a ballet slipper but I have been dancing in the same pair for a couple years now and as soon as I did my first tendu, I could tell something was different. Other than that, they weren't completely unwearable and when not dancing I couldn't tell much of anything was wrong. I don't know if that gives you any optimism, and hopefully its not false optimism, but in the meantime, I would call your local shoe repair person for tips.
  10. think positive!
    shoe shopping time!
  11. have you tried soaking the other boot to make it turn the same color?
  12. oops. I just realized how old this thread is. sorry.