Ruh-roh! I'm in Trouble! which MJ bag should I get! All are Killer Prices!

  1. Hi Ladies, I would appreciate your advice!!

    I came across some fabulous prices on MJ bags and I'm not sure which one to get...would love your input! all prices are in Canadian currency

    1) Small Multipocket in Olive green (i think) with gold hardware $489

    2) Quilted Elise in topaz $499

    3) Quilted Emily bowler in Truffle (goat leather) $579

    4) Although not an MJ, it's a Balenciaga City in Forest Green for $629

    Here is my MJ collection:

    small multipocket in peacock blue
    black venetia
    tomatoe red blake

    I don't have any green or tan coloured bags in my collection!

    thanks for your help!
  2. since you have no true neutrals, i say go for the emily bowler in truffle... such a classic, great bag, and you'll fill a color void.

    i'm sur the balenciaga is gorgeous, but i'm an mj girl and i gotta stay true to my man:heart:

  3. LOL! thanks for your input! I was also leaning toward the bolwer and I'm still not sold on B-bags!! Maybe I'll get both...who knows!
  4. I'm voting for Quilted Emily bowler in Truffle too;)
  5. Gosh, those are all terrific choices but since you don't have any browns in your collection, I'm voting for the Emily Truffle choice too!
  6. I'm the betrayer, I say go with the Sapin City!! Love that color and style(I have one).

    Otherwise, go with the Truffle.

  7. LOL! thithi! you crack me up!

    I'm thinking of getting both. Do you think both are classic and I'll have them for years down the road?
  8. I'd keep the truffle Emily bowler...
  9. Get both!! If I had the opportunity to get that city for that price, I would do it all over again! That green is so versatile. You already have an MP, so I wouldn't get the olive for that reason.

    I have no doubts that any bbag motocycle style will remain classic for years down the road. The truffle style is classic as well, in terms of color and bowler style. You can never go wrong with a bowler!
  10. I agree with Thithi! The leather on the Sapin bags is generally phenominal. It might also be nice to have a lightweight option, too. Good luck!
  11. For that much of a deal, I couldn't pass up the balenciaga city.
  12. Get the elise! I love that bag.
  13. Quilted Emily bowler in Truffle is nice but i think it is a bit tad bulky? My choice is either Balenciaga City or Quilted Elise, hope this helps!
  14. Those are FANTSTIC prices!!!

    the elise!!
  15. Emily bowler in truffle, those are beautiful! :nuts: