Rug for this space?

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  1. I'm trying to decide what to do with area rugs in our entry way space. Right now I have two temporary ones and I think they're too dark, so I'm thinking something light grey. But, I'm not sure if I should get one big runner or two smaller rugs and put them in front of each door.

    The first picture is of the actual space so you can see what I'm talking about... the kennel is no longer there (this was pretty soon after we moved in) and the vase has been replaced with a white one.

    The second picture is the console table that is in that area, it's against the wall where the stairs are. Obviously it's decorated for Christmas in this picture, but you get the idea!

    Also, everything is a lot more grey than it looks in these pictures. For some reason, my house looks a little brown with the iPhone camera, and there is definitely no shades of brown anywhere.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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  2. What about a nice outdoor area rug?

    I like to look at frontgate's outdoor rugs.
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  3. That's a good idea, thanks! There's a lot of really nice outdoor rugs right now.
  4. Honestly I am having a very hard time visualizing the space but I want to say that I think you need a rug with a pop of color!

    I'm thinking yellow.. A runner like this? (PS I don't know if you need a runner, I seriously don't get the photos haha.. what are the two doors? Where is your front door? Anyway...)


    Check out for rugs.. they got affordable ones and a HUGE selection..
  5. Are the rugs at the foot of the doors also serving a shoe cleaning purpose? Because they way they are now with two small, individual rugs, they look like doormats, not decorative rugs.

    If you put a large rectangular rug in that space though I think the area in front of the stairs is going to look like it's missing one. So I'd suggest an oval-shaped one that defines that smaller space without cutting the larger area that has matching tile into seperate defined square shapes. Does that make sense?
  6. Ikea has some nice rugs for good prices. I had two different Orientals in an open floor plan and needed something neutral for entry and hallway spaces. I used these woven ones (Sinnerlig):

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  7. Thanks all for the help! I ended up getting a runner that fit in that space perfectly.
  8. These all look great. I like the first one a lot.
  9. Some good looking images of rugs there! Pick one of your choice.

  10. How's quality at Overstock? Got a new house and none of my old furniture/rugs work. Want a fresh start, new look.

  11. Overstock doesn't make their own rugs or stuff. They just "stock" or list cheap ones. The quality is dependent on the brand you buy. So research on your rugs first.

    I'm happy with Safavieh rugs. Not too expensive:. Not too cheap.. Probably won't last till your kids but I'm ok with that because who wants to pass on a rug anyway? It's so personal. Lol.

    Good luck! Enjoy the process.
  12. I also purchased a Safavieh runner for my living room. It looks good and the quality is decent. At least my bulldogs seem to like it :smile:
  13. Rugs always add something adorable to your house. I also have some multiple types of rugs.
  14. Does overstock have a good rug collection? I also need a new rug for my living room and I am not sure where to look.
  15. You can look from there but there are some of the other good sources of getting an area rug for your place.
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