Rug for Livng Room - where to buy?

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  1. Does anyone know of a good site or store to buy a rug for the living room? Looking for a place where I could save some money on a rug but get something quality. Also,I am looking for a traditional rug but I am not sure what material it should be. The traditional ones seem to be made of wool but we have problems with insects so I would rather not do wool if I can help it. Any insight would help!
  2. Home Goods,,, and when on sale, Pottery Barn.
  3. Thanks mielikki55. Is Home Goods the same one that is part of TJ Maxx?
  4. having bought rugs for 5 different homes I'd recommend NOT to buy online. Find a local store and take a few home, the colors can look one way in the store and look completely different in your home!
  5. Yup. It's hit or miss...but when it's a hit, it's a home run.
  6. So very true...I've only bought rugs with simple designs and in neutral colors, so it didn't really matter to me if the color were not exactly as I viewed them online.
  7. Thanks for your suggestion! Any thoughts on material - does a high quality rug have to be Wool? I have seen polypropylene rugs on which are much cheaper. Are these rugs any good and are these synthetic materials safe for s small crawling bab (meaning not too many chemicals)?
  8. I wouldn't worry about getting wool.
    I'd have to pull up a corner of one of mine to see what mine are made out of.
  9. Online is definitely hard to purchase from... the colors don't always appear right. If you do find one online, read the reviews and see if there is any mention of the color being different. I've ordered two online, and one I've been super happy with, whereas the other, although the color is good, it sheds like crazy. that one is wool, the other is polypropylene.

    Ikea, CB2, and Costplus also carry rugs.
  10. Thanks for your comment Thithi. Just to confirm so your wool rug sheds a lot?
  11. Normally I would not worry about wool, but we had some carpet beetle larvae (ugh!) show up in our in our house not so long ago and they ate up most of our pure wool clothes. Took a lot of time and effort to get rid of them....I am just worried if a pure wool carpet will attract them back in again....
  12. yikes, that's scary!

    yes, the wool one sheds a lot. it has slowed down, but it's been months since i bought it.
  13. ITA about Pottery Barn. I have bought many rugs from PB and have been extremely happy w/all of them. The prices are reasonable. The variety is excellent. And the rugs have held up very well. (I also purchase the premium rug pads. They make the rugs feel very comfy.)
  14. Shedding rugs are the WORST!! I bought two rather pricey wool rugs from Savafieh and they shedded like crazy. I finally had to chuck them and replace them with much less expensive PB rugs. I'm still using those PB rugs.
  15. How about Crate & Barrel?