Ruffled Garden Party, I want you! :)

  1. So, DH and I went to Hermes in SF today. I was going to get an elephant cadena (which they didn't have but of course) or a Hapi bracelet (which they only had natural but I am dreaming of red) so as usual it was the same old same old until I saw a new Garden Party. :nuts: DH was trying to descibe this one to me...he had seen it at SCP...and lo and behold SF actually had it.

    OK, I can't get one until next year but this baby wiped every other bag I was thinking of getting off the map and I am a born again die hard Hermes junkie. :sweatdrop: I think it is called the Garden Party Linen and the color was cocoan. It's brown leather with rippled felt in a little bit darker color than natural. I am kicking myself for not sneaking a pic. The had one displayed with the orange Tohu Bohu twilly and it was perfect.

    I am in LOVE!!!! :love:
  2. I think I saw a picture of this one. My store had a small catalog with the new GP designs and the "rippled" one was gorgeous!!!
  3. Ooooh, dying to see what this new GPT looks like! I got my Elephant cadena from SCP in case you were still looking for one. LOVE your new avatar by the way CB!
  4. La Van, it is so pretty in person...just wanted to pet it. LOL

    Orchids, thank you! :flowers: Oh I will have to check SCP! I just came to the conclusion that I *need* an elephant for my Evelyne. :shame:

    The GP looked great with what I was wearing (sweater, skirt, boots) or it would look perfect with jeans. I love, love, love it!!! :smile:
  5. I'm glad you found something to look forward to on your trip to the SF boutique!! Maybe your hubby knows and will get it for you for Christmas??:nuts:

    Can't wait to see a pic or something, It sounds FANTASTIC!!

    Forgot to tell you, and have been meaning to say "I LOVE THAT TURKEY IN YOUR PICTURE" =)
  6. Thanks New! :smile: The turkey was my grandmother's. I :heart: it so much!

    Today's visit to SF was so much fun. :yahoo: My SA gave me a copy of the Fantasies catalog and I have been drooling over the pics ever since! :flowers:
  7. ^^lovely Turkey!! I love and treasure all things from my grandma.:yes:
  8. Oh I can't wait to see a pic! And that catalog - how lucky!
  9. Sounds lovely! Can't wait to see someone on this board get it!
  10. Crochet, it's so great that you found something that has stolen your heart! I'm dying to see a pic of this bag!
  11. I'd love to see a pic. It sounds great.
  12. Thanks everyone! Ugh, I wish I had taken a pic but the manager was hovering and I didn't want to get in trouble! :blush: I'll try next Friday when we go Christmas shopping. :graucho:

    GT, my heart is completely stolen! :love: Definitely an arrow to the heart. :yes:
  13. ^^They have this bag at SCP too! I like this style of GP the best, very nice! :yes:

  14. I've got this new GP!!:rolleyes: I :love: it!! It's rippled wool...mine is brown leather and the woolen part is beige....I'll take a pic, opefully tomorrow, since my son is away for the weekend with the camera...:sad: The store receipt says: "SAC GARDEN PARTY FTR LAIN CANELE BUFFLE SKIPPER.." I wonder what FTR means??
  15. Oooh, I can't wait to see a photo of this GP! It sounds intriguing.