Ruelala with final sales

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  1. But the website is not working for me!!
  2. Their site is crap. Whenever they have "high traffic" events it always fails. I gave up too.
  3. Mine's just going really slowly, and I have to keep refreshing.
  4. I know, I had a couple things on my cart and I can't check out.
  5. That's so annoying. And they even made the mobile site, so people can purchase without having to be on a computer... that's probably a disaster.
  6. Nightmare
  7. It just started working quite fast for me, so maybe a lot of people gave up. Haha.
  8. Amen, total crap. The site is continually in loading mode, what a waste of time!
  9. I gave up too! Seriously, this is ridiculous!
  10. It's not working for me either!
  11. Nightmare is right!! I had a bag in my cart for like 3 minutes. I went to check out and it was gone. Then I couldn't get back into any of the boutiques. Ugh.:cursing:
  12. frustrating... by the time I was able to reach checkout everything was sold out from my cart.
  13. :sleepy: OMG! Sooo sllloowww!!!!
  14. This happens with all of their final sales. It's definitely frustrating. I remember during their last final sale, it started working normally for me by around 11:30, but it's still sort of slow right now.
  15. Slow slow slow. I just want one pair of jeans!!!!