Rue La La Prada Boutique

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  1. Smartbargains has created a gilt/hautelook type web site at that had a Prada boutique open today with current styles reduced. A lot of the colorful nylon, but they had some leather bags around $1,000. I snagged a leather beige gauffre for around $1,300.
  2. can i use your email or wahtever it is we need in order to sign up?
  3. I'm trying to get my hands on the Prada Pink Nylon Tote.. :crybaby:Someone clicked place order right before I did.
    But I managed to get a couple.
  4. can someone please give me their email so ic an be able to get in? apparently new members need to be sponsored by other members! thanks i would appreciate it!
  5. ^ We're not allowed to give invites here.
  6. thanks so much for whoever offered! anyways do they ever restock?
  7. ^ Sadly, they don't.

    "An item that I want is sold out. Will it ever become available again? We are always hunting for the best brands we can find for our Boutiques. Because of the way we source and stock Rue La La, we sometimes have only a few of any given item to sell. When it's gone, it really is gone. And soon after, the Boutique is gone too, replaced by another premier brand. Watch your email for announcements of new Rue La La Boutiques."

    I need advice.. I got the Prada "Crispy" White Nylon Medium Hobo, should I sell it and get the Pink Tote at retail?
  8. too bad,,,,,the items I like are all sold out ><..
  9. yeah same here! oh i got membership so if anyone wants in pm your email and ill send you an invite!
  10. Things went quick and the site didn't work that great for me. Very slow. Did anyone else have issues?
  11. Actually, you're not allowed to give invites as they involve a referral fee, which violates forum rules. Just giving you a heads up before the mods do...
  12. theres a couple bags left...none im interested in though...
  13. Yeah, the site had a lot of errors. I think it was because people flooded in all at the same time.