Rue La La launched (competitor to

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  1. not allowed to solicit here.:nogood:
  2. I bought a Prada bag, it should arrive tomorrow. I'm very excited about it!

    They're affiliated with Smartbargains, which is the online arm of Loehmann's.
  3. xxxxxxxxxx
  4. you know better kalodie!
  5. I am totally new to this forum. Is that make me eligible to get pm?:wlae: thank you
  6. It's against tPF rules to send or request invites, so you might want to watch it...
  7. i'm new at this...who do you PM someone? I would love to join Rue La La
  8. we're getting tired of policing this. . . established members, you know better:sad:
    You can't solicit affliliate links/kickbacks here.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.