Rue Cambon Store

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  1. Hi ladies...Does Rue Cambon always have the popular classic flaps in stock or is there a waiting list there as well?

    Can I literally walk into that store and walk out with a black caviar jumbo flap with ghw? I'm asking because I'm possibly going to London next year and I plan on swinging by Paris just to shop at Chanel.

    Any info would be great. Thanks!
  2. I got my jumbo classic flap in SWH during the peak summer season at Rue Cambon, and they also had GHW available (though sold out in medium size).

    It seems now, globally, classics are out of stock (From Canada to East/SE Asia and the Middle East--from my travels)
  3. Yes possible
    They can do transfer too
  4. Yeah it seems like from the reveals on TPF, people just walk in there and come out a popular flap. I will call beforehand before taking the train into Paris so I don't waste my time.
  5. "Transfer" as in ship the bag to a London Chanel store?
  6. Hi ladies.DOes anyone know if there is a selection of reissue Chanel bags(especially 2.26) and a variety of boy bags in rue CAmbon store?i'm visiting Paris in May and I was wondering if there are many options...:smile:

  7. Hi! Not sure where you are located or if you are going to Paris because you want to go to Rue Cambon exclusively for the experience but I can tell you that being from the States Chanel was less expensive in London. Still now with the increase in the UK CHANEL for me is still cheaper there. I shopped at Harrods and got a bigger VAT refund from them also. There was so much stock it was hard to chose! They had lots of boys and flaps to chose from. As for Rue Cambon when I visited this past March the stock was also vast. They had flaps in jumbo and maxi in gold and silver in both lambskin and caviar available as well as all the new collection, yes it's a special store but to me not worth extra money just to buy there. Hope this helps!
  8. Hello I'm thinking about getting me a Chanel from harrods also. I want the classic jumbo. How much can I save rather than buying it in the states? How do you get a VAT return? Thank in advance!
  9. Thanks so much for the info! I'll make sure to stop by Harrods first and check out the selection before I make my mind up about taking the train into Paris.

  10. I found the Avenue Montaigne stores had far more stock, there are two stores right across from each other. Check them out if you have time.

  11. I was there early yesterday morning when they just opened and they had lots of stocks of the classic flaps in M/L and Jumbo to choose for both lambskin and caviar leather with GHW and SHW. So yes I think if they go early you will find what you are looking for :smile:

  12. They did?! Wohoooo I will be there next Saturday and am trying to figure out what I want!

    Did you see any coco handles? Do you happen to know the price on them in Paris?

    If not the coco handle then my next choice is a boy bag, old medium! Did you happen to see the price on those?

    Ahhhh I'm so excited! 🤗 TIA!

  13. I didn't look for the coco handle so I'm not sure if they had them. I was shown an old medium
    Boy bag with SHW and I believe it was around 3720 Euros.
  14. Ooh Saturday...You should go first thing in the morning because I heard its a zoo in there on weekends. I remember seeing a huge line going down the block when I went 4 years ago and that was on a weekday afternoon.
  15. lol I'm getting so excited...I feel like a kid in a candy store! I wasn't into Chanel yet last time I was in Paris so I splurged on LV and Balenciaga. This time, it's definitely just going to be Chanel. :cloud9: