rudsak bags?

  1. anyone have one?
  2. gorgeous bags (just checked out the website!) much do they cost?
  3. I was in there today - they are gorgeous. The more expensive ones are around $200 Canadian!
  4. I'm going back in there to get a pale pink one tomorrow. I also have a coupon for their 3 day sample sale next week!
  5. [​IMG]

    Just got this little crossbody from Rudsak. Very good quality :smile: I love it!
  6. I'll be curious to hear your feedback on the brand, i have only ever walked by the store lol. I'm carrying Roots pretty much exclusively again...

    Cute kitty in your avatar, btw. :amuse:
  7. Rudsak is very popular here in Montreal where the brand originates (also M0185). Aside from bags, they sell a lot of leather jackets, gloves, winter coats. The wallets are well designed, very slim with zippered coin pockets and tech slots. Every time they have a sale, I'd buy wallets for the men in my family...

    I own two bags, which are two colors of the same design. The feature I find most special is the tiny flashlight that comes with all Rudsak bags. So unique and so helpful in when it's dark and you're looking for something in your bag!

  8. Thanks for the info, and the flashlight idea! how clever is that?! they look nice, perhaps one day i'll actually go in vs walk by and glance lol.
  9. Hello, a few things I really appreciated from Rudsak :

    1. The service in store was really nice and the SA answers your question and doesn't rush you to buy something

    2. The quality and smell of leather is superb

    3. They give you a dust bag if you buy a handbag/purse

    4. They let you try the handbag in front of a mirror.

    5. You can come back again if your product if broken

    6. They teach you about leather care if you don't know about it.

    7. They sell good leather care products. I bought a cleaner and a protector.

    Their products are reasonnably priced but I waited for the sales to buy the crossbody (because I am a not-so-rich student).